Composer Jan Welmer 80!

In September many churches in Utrecht are part of the festival on Jan Welmers, who gets 80. Several concerts and projects.   

Jan Welmers is one of the Dutch leading composers for new organ music. But his oeuvre contains works for other instruments and ensembles as well. His works are regularly performed both nationally and internationally.

With this festival marks his 80th birthday. A great milestone with many concerts with famous musicians like Jan Hage, Jetty Podt, Tatiana Koleva, Piet van der Steen. From September 16 to October 1, 11 concerts will be given as a tribute to composer Jan Welmers.

There will be a presentation on the work and the compositions of Welmers. A new CD with his works for organ by Jan Hage, will be presented and authors prof. dr. Hans Fidom, drs. Hugo Bakker, drs. Willem-Jan Cevaal and dr. Jan Hage will release a book on Welmer’s works.

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Simeon ten Holt at DortdYart

This weekend, Sense of Music will start. Sense of Music is the music program in the Sound Pavilion (Klankbodempaviljoen) of Dré Wapenaar.
The Sound Pavilion is build on the outside area of DordtYart. In this special pavilion the audience sits against the resonance box of the musicians, which makes the experience of a concert very intense and intimate at the same time.  

Sense of Music opens on Friday 15th of September with Lemniscaat by Rondane Kwartet, one of the warmest advocates of the works by Simeon ten Holt. From his oeuvre we programmed a number of concerts by different artists. The repetition of Ten Holt’s works and the freedom to experiment therein works very well with the acoustics of the Sound Pavilion.
During the opening weekend Rubric Piano Trio will also perform Incantatie 4 but this show is already sold out. Luckily there are plenty of other options left: organist Toon Hagen and Philine Coops who will perform the seldom performed piece Shadow Nor Prey, together with Hagen’s reaction to this piece: Going On.
There is a special version of the Canto Ostinato, Ten Holt’s best known work by Ivo Janssen (piano) and Vincent van Amsterdam (accordion).

Aren’t you able to come to the opening night? On Sunday the 24th of September Rondane Kwartet will play a combined program with music from Bach (a great inspiration to Ten Holt), Joep Franssens and a coupure of Lemniscaat from Simeon ten Holt.
And last but not least Sense of Music programs a solo concert by Ivo Janssen where he will play among other pieces Natalon in E and soloduiveldans I of Simeon ten Holt.

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The Andriessen/De Klerk Festival 2017

In 2017 we are remembering that Hendrik Andriessen was born 125 years ago and Albert de Klerk 100 years ago. What better place is there to celebrate this than the city where both these prominent musicians were born: Haarlem.

From 15 September until 3 October 2017 the centre of Haarlem will reverberate to the music by these two composers. Musicians from home and abroad will perform in several churches and concert halls in a wide ranging programme of chamber music, piano and organ music, songs, oratorios and choral works. All of these composed by Hendrik Andriessen and Albert de Klerk of course.

And there is more. Louis Andriessen, Hendrik’s world famous son, has composed a new composition for organ commissioned by the festival. There is also a an exhibition to be seen about the lives of both Hendrik Andriessen and Albert de Klerk in Museum Haarlem. And there is a plaque that will be unveiled at the houses where both composers were born and there is an accompanying book written especially for the festival. These are just a few activities which will take place during the festival.

Donemus is publishing some unpublished works and will also republish some works that were still in a copy of the manuscript. Especially his opera ‘THE MIRROR OF VENICE’ that will be performed on September 26 and 27!
Hendrik Andriessen wrote this one-act comic opera in 1963/1964 for the ensemble of the Dutch Opera and it was intended to be broadcast on television. In 1967 the television compnay KRO broadcast this ‘musical tableau’ which was recorded in the castle Muiderslot near Muiden. Since then the opera has not been performed in its enirety. The opera takes place in 1630 in the Muiderkring [Muider society] a company of aristocratic art connoisseurs. For composer Dirk Sweelinck (the oldest son of Jan Pieterszoon) is this Muiderkring just a load of amateurs and rich snobs.

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Donemus at Festival Oude Muziek

This September, Donemus will be present at the Festival Oude Muziek to present its flourishing Early Music Editions. This project has been realized in cooperation with Cees Wagemakers… 

This September, Donemus will be present at the Festival Oude Muziek to present its flourishing Early Music Editions. This project has been realized in cooperation with Cees Wagemakers, who compiled and meticulously typeset countless pages of medieval choir music that was previously neglected in various European libraries and on the Internet. Donemus is proud to present its new line, containing over 40 volumes (and counting!), offering hundreds of pieces for various vocal ensembles. In this way, we are aiming to meet the demands of choirs always looking for new and exciting repertoire, as well as contributing to the global visibility of music composed up to four centuries ago. Early Music Editions contain music composed by big names such as Monteverdi, De Monte, Gabrielli, Palestrina, or Croce, as well as lesser-known composers such as Bonometti, Conversi, Caldara, and many more. Most of the music presented here is beautiful and appealing, and is longing to be performed and heard; it should not sink further into oblivion.

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Compose4You – “For Mattia” by Douwe Eisenga

“For Mattia”, by Douwe Eisenga, will be performed on Sunday, September 10 in the Domkerk in Utrecht… 

The piece was made possible through Compose4You, and was written in memoriam of Katja Bosch and Janpeter Muilwijk’s daughter, Mattia. The parents of Mattia wanted to convey, through their own paintings, as well as in words and music, “the experience of knowing that we are imperishable, even if we die here, knowing that we are already part of God.” – Katja Bosch and Janpeter Muilwijk.

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Annual International Young Composers Academy

Davo van Peursen, managing director at Donemus, will present a condensed version of Donemus Academy (described above) in two sessions, on August 30 and September 1, for the participants of the 7th Annual International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky City, Russia… 

In addition, Yannis Kyriakides and Dmitri Kourliandski, both guest professors at the Young Composers Academy, gave several group lectures on music and multimedia, as well as daily composition lessons. His Karaoke Etudes will also be performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble during the opening evening on August 31.

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International Performances

We are very proud to announce that Donemus composers are being performed throughout the world! Here is a selection of some of our notable international performances… 

Donemus at Gaudeamus Muziekweek

Overwhelming minimal music, ringing soundscapes, experimental electronics, post-pop, and electro-acoustic crossovers: all of this can be heard from September 6-10 at Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht!… 

Rimpelingen” by Jan-Peter de Graaff will be performed by ASKO|Schönberg during the opening concert at TivoliVredenburg on September 6, and Maxim Shalygin will be ‘Composer on Stage’ on September 7. Next to the world premiere of Shalygin’sLacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs”, performed by Shapeshift, he will talk about his music and his sources of inspiration. In addition to this, Alexey Retinsky has been selected by the Keuris Quartet for a public reading session and workshop of a one-minute sketch, during ‘New Notes for Keuris Quartet’, in which the quartet discusses the sketch on stage with the composer on September 10.

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