Disturbing Light – Rieteke Hölscher

Ensemble Cross Meeting with Kirsti Apajalahti (violin) & Rieteke Hölscher (piano) will give the Try-out concert of cross-art production – an experience in sound and image called ‘Disturbing Light’…   

Disturbing Light is a co-production of visual designer Marij Janssen and composer Rieteke Hölscher. Inspired by the “Dutch Light”, the artist designed a cloud of people who disturb and confuse the light and cast strange shadows on the wall. Figures pass by in an ever-changing movement, accompanied by acoustic instruments – violin / piano – and electronic sounds that seem to come from nature.

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Golden Mask 2018 for Alexey Sioumak

Composer Alexey Sioumak has received the most prestigious Russian theater award ‘Golden Mask’ for his opera ‘Cantos’ in the Best Composer’s Work in Theater category on April 15 at the award ceremony in the Bolshoi Theater (Moscow)…   

Cantos’, a production by Perm Opera and Ballet Theater composed by Alexey Sioumak and performed under famous conductor Teodor Currentzis, has got its world premiere in December 2016 in Perm and immediately got a huge attention by public and press. Press call it performance–mysteria. It has been staged by well-known Russian stage director Semen Aleksandrovsky, who has been also the Light Director. Cantos has been nominated for Golden Mask in 7 categories. The Golden Mask is a National Theatre Award established in 1993 for productions in all genres of theatre art: drama, opera, ballet, modern dance, operetta, musical, and puppet theatre. Golden Mask is also an all-Russian Performing Arts Festival that takes place in Moscow in the spring of each year, presenting the most significant performances from all over Russia. The main festival program includes Russian productions, selected by experts from among the premieres of the previous season and nominated for the Golden Mask Award. During the festival the two juries – one for drama and one for musical theatre – composed of recognized Russian actors, directors, conductors, choreographers and theatre critics – decide on the winners of the Golden Mask Award in over thirty nominations. The Awards are made at the Golden Mask Awards Ceremony in mid April.

Preview of the score:

Nimrod Borenstein; world premiere by Tania Stavreva at NY

Billboard Top 10 international multi-award winning artist and “Bulgarian-born piano dynamo” (Time Out NY) Tania Stavreva will present unique, exciting and inspiring program of new piano music written by composers from USA, Israel/UK, Bulgaria, France and Germany. The program will include a World Premiere by  Tango Etude Op. 66, No. 3 (written for Tania Stavreva) by Nimrod Borenstein (b.1969)…   

“The Tango Étude is the third of my études for solo piano. One of my aim in writing the études was that each of them would be different so that all of them could be performed together if desired when the cycle is finished in a few years time (my current idea being to reach the magic number twenty four during the next ten years). As my first étude (the Ostinato Étude) is extremely fast, energetic and manic and my second étude (The Half Moon Étude) is grandiose, dramatic and mostly slow I decided that this third étude would be more playful. Having written a tango as one of the movements of my music for ballet Suspended opus 69 a few years ago I always wanted to explore again the medium and thought that the étude would be an ideal canvas for this proud dance.”
(Nimrod Borenstein)

April 8th, Marc A. Scorca Recital Hall at the National Opera Center 330 Seventh Avenue

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Listen to Ostinato Étude premiered by Irina Lankova