Orlando Festival at Roduc

Visit the Orlando Festival at Rolduc/Kerkrade from August 9th to 19th. Orlando 2018 tries to present a fair share of baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century and 21st century repertoire. And in addition, as usual, a lot of attention for Dutch chamber music…

As guests of honour our composer-in-residence Louis Andriessen will hold a key position in this year’s programming. No less than 23 of Louis’ works, spanning a period of 60 years of composing, will be heard at this year’s Orlando Festival. From his early work in 1957 until his latest organ compostion from 2017! Louis will be present at the festival for a couple of days in order to rehearse as many pieces as possible with the Orlando musicians. Also will be performed the Septet by his teacher Kees van Baaren as well as two compositions of his former student Martijn Padding, who is now his successor as teacher in composing at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

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Kris Oelbrandt: trappist en componist

Kris Oelbrandt: Trappist of componist, wat komt eerst?
Die twee zijn zo vervlochten dat ik echt niet kan kiezen. Zelfs chronologisch valt er geen onderscheid te maken. Rond mijn 15de begonnen beide lijnen zich af te tekenen. Ik kwam in aanraking met de trappistenabdij van Zundert en was totaal ondersteboven. Het klopte gewoon!
Een tijdje later ben ik een week gaan meeleven. Ik herinner me nog het gevoel dat ik had tijdens de terugrit naar huis: de drukte van de wereld die terug op me afkwam. Ik miste al meteen het stille gemeenschapsleven. Op mijn 18de ben ik gaan aankloppen om in te treden. ‘Ga jij maar eerst muziek studeren’, zeiden de monniken. ‘Wij lopen niet weg.’

Wat trok jou als tiener zo aan in het trappistenleven?

(Lieve Wouters in KerkNet)

Het riep een gevoel op van in mijn vroege kindertijd toen mijn vader me meenam naar de mis. Ik was een tijdje misdienaar. Stil bij het altaar zat ik te luisteren naar wat ik niet begreep. Ik bekeek de glasramen, de kelk. Op een of andere manier sprak het tot mij. Ik voelde er vrede in.

Als puber raakte ik op een ander spoor, maar midden in die periode kwam ik in die stille omgeving en werd ik overmand door diezelfde sfeer van vroeger in de kerk. Mijn moeder fronste de wenkbrauwen toen ik zei dat ik een week wilde gaan meeleven, maar het mocht.

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Vanessa Lann – Rise

Rise is a modern work, yet also fun and accessible for both the musicians and the audience. The piece gives bassoonists the opportunity to be in the spotlight, supported by their fellow orchestral players (a real change from their all-too-often accompanying role at the back of the symphony orchestra!).

The work was premiered on November 17, 2017, by the Netherlands’ Van Wassenaer Orchestra conducted by Benjamin Boers. The soloists were Martine Reurings and Dick Hanemaayer. Since that time Rise has been performed twice more by the Netherlands’ Airchestra, under conductor Johan Olof.

The version of Rise in this fragment is the original version, for chamber orchestra. And it is equally suitable for performances by larger orchestras. A symphony orchestra version has been published as well and includes the original parts as well as additional orchestral instruments. (read more…)

The piece (in the chamber orchestra version) is available online from the publishing house Donemus. Amateur orchestras receive a reduction in costs. The staff at Donemus are also available to answer any questions:

Short description of the work.

Rise, for two bassoons and orchestra, was composed at the request of the Dutch Bassoon Network, an initiative taken as part of the Year of the Bassoon 2016. Their goal was the creation of a piece to be performed by amateur orchestral players and soloists, and that the bassoons have the most prominent role possible.

The composer had intensive working contact with the commissioners, solo bassoonists and orchestra during the composition and rehearsals for Rise. Both soloists (Martine Reurings and Dick Hanemaayer) made copious suggestions, starting with their own wishes as players but also including ideas about the instrument, extended techniques and performing practice. The Dutch Bassoon Network successfully applied for a grant from the Dutch Performing Arts Foundation to fund the composition of the work, and Donemus Publishers agreed to special price reductions for amateur orchestras worldwide. The piece was premiered by the Van Wassenaer Orchestra, Martine Reurings and Dick Hanemaayer on November 17, 2017, conducted by Benjamin Boers.

The music: in the first movement the two solo bassoonists call to each other from different positions, the second bassoonist sitting in the back of the orchestra and the first standing next to the conductor in the traditional soloist’s position. The music leaps back and forth between the two bassoonists – from a middle D-flat to a low C – their motives gradually taken over seamlessly by the other orchestral players. At the end of this movement the meaning of the word “rise” becomes ever clearer. In the second movement the two soloists circle around each other with driving rhythms, the orchestra answering them while dancing in irregular meters. Movement three brings back the sounds and instrumental patterns of the first movement. At the end of this movement the bassoonists get the chance to improvise within suggested patterns, incorporating trills, glissandi, references to famous works – anything they come up with. The rhythmic dances of the fourth movement lead to a surprising conclusion where the bassoonists have the last word…

If you’d prefer to order Rise, but in the version for symphony orchestra, please read more here.

Rise at the webshop of Donemus


Wonderfeel festival 2018!

The seven covered Wonderfeel stages are spread out within a short distance of each other on the 25 hectares of a stunning conservation area in ‘s-Graveland. These venues offer something for everyone: from baroque to minimal music, to jazz, world and pop music. You can listen to world-class musicians, the most exciting newcomers, and respected members of the musical establishment…
Several works of Donemus will be performed during this wonderful Wonderfeel Festival …   

Shapeshift o.l.v. Maxim Shalygin
Friday 17:30 – 18:30

Lacrimosa or 13 Magic Songs
Nothing is as sublime as wallowing in a good Requiem, and the crowning glory of many such magnificent pieces is often the tearful Lacrimosa. How can it be topped? Maxim Shalygin – a member of Dutch composers collective Shapeshift – rose to the challenge and created a compelling, entirely instrumental Lacrimosa in which seven violins convey the emotions usually expressed by the human voice. Hear this plea for forgiveness and reconciliation.
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Songs from the forest – Helana Basilova
De Schuur – Saturday 19:00 – 19:45

Helena Basilova presents a musical ode to the life and work of her father, as a follow-up to her ‘Letter in a Bottle’ about his forgotten compositions. Pianist and composer Helena Basilova presents a musical ode to the life and work of her father, as a follow-up to her ‘Letter in a Bottle’ about his forgotten compositions. Pianist and composer Alexander Basilov (1946-2007) was a student of Alfred Schnittke. Helena places her father’s music within the context of works by other Russian composers and includes images of the Russian forest where she spent her childhood summers, and where her father sought inspiration. (1946-2007) was a student of Alfred Schnittke. Helena places her father’s music within the context of works by other Russian composers and includes images of the Russian forest where she spent her childhood summers, and where her father sought inspiration.

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Duo Simons|Napolov – Canto Ostinato/Simeon ten Holt
Saturday 18:00 – 18:45

Konstantyn Napolov – marimba
Eke Simons – piano
Music that’s as refreshing as a visit to a spa, or having a lie-in at the weekend: Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt has a unique power. In this version for piano and marimba, Eke Simons and Konstantyn Napolov lift your spirits high above the concert stage. Observe the festival grounds slowly disappearing beneath you, and allow your entire being to relax during these 45 timeless minutes of pure pleasure in an all-natural setting.
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Canto Ostinato – Nederlands Saxofoon Octet
Sunday  11:00 – 12:00

Start your Sunday with Canto Ostinato of Simeon ten Holt by the Nederlands Saxfoon Octet!
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