Daan Manneke is turning 80!

In November 2019, the composer, conductor and teacher Daan Manneke will turn 80. Many concerts and a symposium coming up!…   

The Babel Foundation and Stichting Archipel organize a festival during autumn 2019 with, among other events, a public symposium (meet and greet between music scientists and students around Daan Manneke), concerts in the Netherlands, Flanders and elsewhere in Europe.

On July 7, Koor – Studium Chorale with conductor Hans Leenders, and musicians Dirk Luijmes, Raphaela Danksagmüller and Marcel Verheggen gave a concert with works of Ton de Leeuw (Sweelinck-variaties 1972-73), Gerard Beljon (Planctus Cygni I) and of course Daan Manneke. Many concerts are coming up next months. Stay tuned for more information.

The complete overview of concerts can be found here.



Music of Lex van Delden in documentary ‘The Good Terrorist’

A former Jihadi speaks out in a film about a Dutch terrorist group, which finds new patterns and answers far inside the darkness of radicalisation. Zeppers Film made a documentary with music by Lex van Delden, arranged and edited by Reyn Ouwehand…   

In 2004, Jason Walters was apprehended with plans to commit a terrorist attack. After a violent 14-hour gunfight with the police from a besieged apartment, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The action took place just eight days after the terrible killing of the filmmaker Theo van Gogh, and Holland was in shock.

Today, Walters regrets his past life as a Jihadi. What happened, and how do you become an advocate of tolerance after being a hateful extremist? The story of the dreaded Hofstad group is unravelled in an in-depth and dramatic film, which also gives the floor to psychologists, experts, kiosk owners and not the least Walters himself, who lays all his cards on the table in an exceptionally frank interview. The former Jihadi Nouriddin El Fahtni confirms the complex but often banal causes of the dark radicalisation, which are larger and more widespread than the religion or ideology that is used to justify it. Good answers to good questions are given in a film that manages to keep its balance while dealing with an extreme subject.


Regie: Robert Oey
Camera: Rogier den Boer, Reinier van Brummelen and Robert Oey
Sound: Tim van Peppen, Mike van der Sluijs and Maaik Krijgsman
Montage: Chris van Oers
Sound Design: Giel van Geloven
Music: Lex van Delden and Reyn Ouwehand
Producer: Frank van den Engel, Zeppers Film

In theaters from June 27th:

AMERSFOORT • Lieve Vrouw
AMSTERDAM • De Balie • Na de vertoning op 30 juni vindt er een nagesprek plaats met regisseur Robert Oey en Hoessein van Stichting Achterblijvers. Sinds zijn dochter radicaliseerde en zijn zoon in Syrië sneuvelde, wil Hoessein jongeren ervan weerhouden ‘over te lopen’.
AMSTERDAM • Het Ketelhuis
DEN HAAG • Filmhuis Den Haag
GRONINGEN • Groninger Forum
HILVERSUM • Filmtheater Hilversum
MAASTRICHT • Lumière Cinema • op 27 juni met vraag-en-antwoord-gesprek met Johan van de Beek, onderzoeksjournalist bij de Limburger en gespecialiseerd in radicalisering en regisseur Robert Oey.
ROTTERDAM • LantarenVenster • on July 3 with Robert Oey
TILBURG • Cinecitta • only once on Tuesday, July 2!
and on PICL

Vanessa Lann – Rise Again

Componiste Vanessa Lann won dit jaar de Buma Award Classical. Dit is een prijs voor de Nederlandse componist met de meeste uitvoeringen in een bepaald jaar in binnen- en buitenland. Haar muziek is fun om te spelen – en prachtig om te beluisteren. Spelers vinden het uitdagend, maar het is altijd goed geschreven voor elk instrument. Onlangs schreef zij een werk voor twee fagotten en (amateur) symfonieorkest, ‘Rise Again’. Dit wordt amateur-orkesten tijdelijk aangeboden voor een sterk gereduceerd tarief…   

Met haar passie voor amateur ensembles schreef Vanessa Lann het werk Rise in 2017, in opdracht van het FagotNetwerk. Dit is een werk voor twee fagotten en (amateur) kamerorkest, met een focus op het niveau van de meeste amateur ensembles, en ook met een bijzondere rol voor de tweede fagot. (lees meer over de oorspronkelijke versie)

Om dit werk beschikbaar te stellen aan meer (amateur) orkesten, maakte Vanessa Lann onlangs deze versie voor symfonie-orkest. Ook Rise Again is verkrijgbaar tegen een sterk gereduceerde tarief zonder huur/licentiekosten. Bij repetities en uitvoeringen van Rise, en ook Rise Again, kan de componist zelf aanwezig zijn. Na succesvolle tournees van het Van Wassenaerorkest (o.l.v. Benjamin Boers) en het Airchestra (o.l.v. Joan Olaf) waren er veel enthousiaste reacties van spelers en van het publiek. Heeft uw orkest interesse in dit bijzondere initiatief? Vragen over de compositie, de partijen, etc, kunnen naar de componist gestuurd worden (, of naar De partituur van Rise Again is via deze link online in te zien

Is dit een project voor… uw orkest?

Joep Straesser

Joep Straesser was born in Amsterdam on March 11, 1934. He died on September 22, 2004 in Loenersloot.
Joep Straesser studied musicology from 1953 to 1955 at the University of Amsterdam. He studied organ with Anthon van der Horst (1956-1959) and theory with Jan Felderhof (1959-1961) at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music and composition with Ton de Leeuw (1960-1965).

From 1953 to 1961 Joep Straesser was a church organist. From 1962 to 1980 he taught theoretical subjects at the Utrecht Conservatory of Music. In 1967 he was appointed senior lecturer. From 1975 until 1989 he taught composition.

His oeuvre comprises works for various instruments and settings, with a specific preference for the human voice. ’22 Pages’ for three male voices and orchestra on text by John Cage was performed during the ISCM Festival in Stockholm (1966). Some other compositions which were performed during ISCM Festivals are: ‘Intervals I’ for mixed choir, flute, violoncello and harp in 1979, ‘Roundabouts’ for 4 marimbas in 1981, and ‘Signals and Echoes’ for bass clarinet and ensemble in 1985.

Straesser was awarded the Prix de Composition in 1965. In 1958 ‘Psalm 148′ won the first prize in the composition contest, organized on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Dutch men’s chorus ‘Maastreechter Staar’. In 1965 ’22 Pages’ won the prize for the best Dutch composition at the International Gaudeamus Music Week. In 1988 Joep Straesser received the Matthijs Vermeulen Prize from the Amsterdam Arts Fund for the opera ‘Über Erich M.’.

Michael Fine at the Colorado Music Festival

On June 18th Michael Fine’s Chamber Symphony will be premiered at the Colorado College Summer Music Festival with conductor Scott Yoo…   

Michael Fine feels very excited that an astonishing group of 11 young top instrumentalists from major institutions under the direction of Scott Yoo will create his Chamber Symphony at the Colorado College Summer Music Festival on 18 June. A mini-Concerto for Orchestra, the Chamber Symphony began with the jazzy, muted trumpet solo that occurs early in the piece after a rather pastoral introduction. Much of the music of the first movement revolves around and reacts to that theme. There are numerous and occasionally challenging solos for each instrument.

The second movement turns the heat up taking motifs from the first movement and playing with them at speed but not too fast. An andante third movement is a stroll in a verdant park while the final Allegretto is playful in attitude and not too long. The spirit of the piece is, like most of his music, American in character with a subtle hint of jazz and for better or worse, elements of his whimsical and occasionally elusive personality. It is music which Michael Fine hopes is direct enough to be enjoyed rather without too much effort.

With Alice Dade, flute; Elizabeth Koch, oboe; Anton Rist, clarinet, bass clarinet; Michael Thornton, horn; Kevin Cobb, trumpet; Tonya Jilling, harp; Steven Copes, violin; Virginia Barron, viola; David Ying, cello; Susan Cahill, bass Scott Yoo, conductor

Chiel Meijering – St. Louis Blues

St. Touchstones, Orkest de Ereprijs and Musis en Stadstheater Arnhem present the opera St. Louis Blues, written by Chiel Meijering and Paul Binnerts. Originally written and produced in 1995, this opera will be performed on stage again this September by the same Orkest de Ereprijs…   

The Dutch-language opera St. Louis Blues is based on true events in the year 1939. In that year, the St. Louis passenger ship sails with 937 Jewish passengers from Hamburg to Havana. The refugees hope to bring themselves into safety from persecution by the Nazi’s, and to obtain in Cuba an entry visa for the US. What starts as a journey full of euphoria ends in deception: Cuba, the US and South America close their borders to refugees. With more than 900 Jews, the ship is forced to return to Europe, where a horrible fate awaits many of them. For most, it was the same fate that befell as millions of Jews during World War II.

Does history repeat itself? 80 years later, it is bitter to find that the fate of boat refugees is still uncertain today. Thus, the opera connects the past with the present: by reflecting on the past, we might be encouraged to re-think the present. Is there a place for humanity today? Or is that a bridge too far?

Performance dates:
Tue 10 September – 8 p.m.
Wed 11 September – 8 p.m.
Thu 12 September – 8 p.m.
Fr 13 September – 8 p.m.
Sat 14 September – 3 p.m.
Sat 14 September – 8 p.m.
Sun 15 September – 3 p.m.
Sun 15 September – 8 p.m.

staging: Jeroen Kriek
co-staging: Goos Meeuwsen and Helena Bittencourt
composition: Chiel Meijering
libretto: Paul Binnerts
music: orkest de ereprijsled by Wim Boerman
singers: Francisca Branco, Pim van Drunen, Luke Mitchell, Ginette Puylaert, Jan Kristof Schliep, Jorien Zeevaart a.o.

More info and tickets…

GVIDO available at Donemus

Donemus is now a distributor of GVIDO hardware. GVIDO is the world’s first dual-screen digital music score, with features such as a 13.3-inch dual screen using ePaper; same size and feel of traditional paper music scores; it weighs only 660g. The flat hinges make the screens fold open nice and flat, so you can view them easily like a music book…   

Unlike LCD tablets, reflection and glare are virtually gone, so, just like with paper, you can perform under sunlight with full visibility of the screen. No backlighting, so it’s gentle on the eyes, preventing strain and fatigue.

Turn pages with a touch
Flip pages easily and without a sound by using the infrared touch switch. Three touch switches can be personalized, assigning each one different functions to make it easier for you to use. Hands-free page turning with the optional footswitch.

Write notes on scores
With the included stylus pen, write and erase notes directly on the screen. Save up to 100 layers of notes and share them easily with other users.

Prices excl. VAT
€ 1500 – Digital Music Reader
€   320 – Foot Switch
€   320 – Genuine Leather Case

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