New Music Conference

On Friday 8 November 2019, Buma presents a new initiative in collaboration with November Music in cultural center Verkadefabriek in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. New Music Conference will be one day on topics of interest to composers, performing artists, programmers, publishers, record labels, managers and booking agents…   

We would be very happy to welcome you during the first edition of New Music Conference, that will take place as part of the November Music Festival in Den Bosch. The conference is a meeting place of likeminded people in new music, reaching from representatives of venues and festivals to musicians, publishers and composers.

Conference topics

With a number of panel discussions and presentations, New Music Conference is of importance to everyone involved in new music: composers, venue and festival programmers, music publishers, performing musicians and label representatives. A quick summary of topics: Keynote speech by Tim Rutherford-Johnson – New audiences for new music – DIY: freelancing as a legitimate career goal – Digital developments for performing musicians – Fair Practice: an intermediate score – Presentation of production house Rizoom – New Composers Pitch – How do I receive the money to which I am entitled? – Meet & Connect…

New Music Conference is not meant to be just about listening. Those who work professionally in music and feel at home with November Music’s programme, can share their knowledge and experience, and build their international professional network – in the official, carefully supervised matchmaking sessions or simply in the restaurant, bars and corridors of Verkadefabriek.

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November Music 2019

Visitors to November Music 2019 can fully enjoy today’s eclectic musical landscape. The festival showcases the prominent composers of our time. Not to mention top-notch ensembles, jazz & world pioneers, sound installations, and interdisciplinary concerts. November Music takes place from 1 through 10 November at various locations in the Dutch city of ’s-Hertogenbosch. Check the program and be there…   

November Music’s 27th edition is brimming with surprising combinations. It features 11 new commissioned works as well as pieces and groups that have hardly been heard in the Netherlands, if at all. Such as the brand-new Bosch Requiem that will be performed on All Souls Day (2 November). This version is written by festival composer (and Dutch Composer Laureate) Calliope Tsoupaki with the vocalists Marcel Beekman and Maarten Engeltjes. Tsoupaki’s requiem is a musical ode to the Virgin Mary in times of doubt and distress.

Performances that add an extra dimension to music are VAL by theatre-maker Baukje Schweigman with ensemble Calefax and SOLAS by dance company LeineRoebana. Music by Yannis Kyriakides.

A large number of choirs from the province of North Brabant (capital: ’s Hertogenbosch) features at November Music 2019. The audience will hear numerous vocal pieces sung by professional as well as amateur choirs under the heading Koren Centraal. The works are written by various composers that include Kris Oelbrandt who is active as a Trappist monk in addition to his musical accomplishments.

November Music is once again the home base for the best Dutch modern classical music ensembles such as Holland Baroque, Ragazze Quartet, Silbersee, Ives Ensemble, Asko|Schönberg, and Nieuw Ensemble which will be playing a farewell concert, with a new version of Wilbert Bulsink’s ‘Spelingen’.

November Music had its first edition in 1993 has ever since taken place in the beautiful Mediaeval Brabant capital of ’s-Hertogenbosch (also called Den Bosch) in the south of the Netherlands. It is the most important international gathering for contemporary music in the country. The annual festival, which lasts 10 days, presents 90 concerts across all genres, featuring today’s music by today’s makers. November Music is commissioning Dutch and international composers to compose new work as it initiates collaborations between musicians from the Netherlands and those hailing from elsewhere. It attracted 11,500 visitors in 2016 and more than 12,000 visitors in 2017.

Highlighted Concerts:


Calliope Tsoupaki – Bosch Requiem
Marcel Beekman, Maarten Engeltjes
PRJCT Amsterdam, Manoj Kamps
Theater aan de Parade


Calliope Tsoupaki – Song for Life and Death
Matthijs Koene
Babel, Hofzaal

Calliope Tsoupaki – Narcissus
Heleen Hulst, Gerard Bouwhuis

Kris Oelbrandt – Loflied der Verzoening
Capella Brabant, Dudok Quartet
Grote Kerk


Bianca Bongers – Surrounded by Air, Appearance III
Trio Catch
Willem Twee Toonzaal

Yannis Kyriakides – Val, muziektheater Schweigman& Calefax
Theater aan de Parade


Daan Manneke – Psalmenrequiem etc.
Grote Kerk Den Bosch

Calliope Tsoupaki – Pour Notre-Dame
Daan Manneke – Voorspel op de naam BACH
– Agnus Dei (Tombeau pour Maurice Pirenne)
– Patronen
Veronique van den Engh

Daan Manneke – Grote Archipel
Ralph van Raat
Willem Twee Toonzaal


Daan Manneke – Grote Archipel
Ralf van Raat

Maxim Shalygin – Todos los fuegos el fuego
Amstel Quartet & Keuris Quartet

Wilbert Bulsink – Spelingen
Miriam Overlach
Asko|Schönberg, Bas Wiegers
Theater aan de Parade

Willem Boogman – Nieuw werk
Ives Ensemble
Willem Twee Toonzaal

NOV 10

Calliope Tsoupaki – Paraklitikon
Gerard Beljon – Planctus Cygni
Collegium Vocale Eindhoven
Grote Kerk

Donemus joins nkoda

The Donemus catalogue will soon be available at nkoda, the world’s greatest library of sheet music. Nkoda has over 110,000 pieces of music from the world’s leading publishers – all on subscription. Donemus will add a substantial amount of works to the nkoda library. Musicians from all over the worlds can access scores and parts on with a subscription license of € 9.99 per month…   

Already 7 years ago, Donemus offered all scores and parts not only as hardcopy but also as PDF. Since then musicians prefer the digital option more and more. Nowadays 70% of all sales and rentals of Donemus is done digitally as PDF.

The company nkoda built a great app and curates a growing catalogue. As the ‘Spotify for sheetmusic’ they offer a subscription based access to sheet music.

Their musicologists have cataloged scores into playlists, making discovering music a breeze.  The app offers many features beyond just reading PDFs. The Donemus catalogue of 14,500 titles, together 1,4 million pages, will become available at nkoda over the next months.

Enjoy the new digital world with endless possibilities…

Download the nkoda app

Klas Torstensson – Two Queen Christina Songs

On November 1st, Charlotte Riedijk, soprano and Gerrie Meijers, organ, will perform the ‘Two Christina Songs’ of Klas Torstensson at the Orgelpark…   

The Two Queen Christina Songs were dedicated to Charlotte Riedijk and Aron Nilsson and written in 2016
Le dolci parole is an arrangement of the song with the same title from the song cycle In großer Sehnsucht for soprano and piano trio (2004).

Sempre mia is an arrangement of the song with the same title from the work for large choir Arcadia 1689 (2015)

composition: Klas Torstensson
Charlotte Riedijk, soprano
Gerrie Meijers, organ

More info about the concert

Le dolci parole

Tu segui ancora in sì turbati accenti tuoi vani lamenti?
Da gli Elisi oh venga almeno
un bel sogno a consigliarti;

ed ei prenda a favellarti
su gli incendi del mio seno.
Più non ascolto il suono
delle dolci parole:
nè si conced’ancora
lo splendor de’ bei lumi ai lumi miei;

Sweet words

Do you still continue, in such tormented tones your pointless laments?
At least let a beautiful dream
of the Elysian Fields come to console you;

and let him tell you
of the fires in my breast.
I no longer hear the sound
of sweet words:
nor does the splendor of the beautiful lights yield to my own.

More info

Klas Torstensson at Donemus

Kris Oelbrandt – Loflied der Verzoening

On November 3rd 2019 Capella Brabant will perform the world premiere of Kris Oelbrandt’s ‘Reconciliation Magnificat’, together with the Dudok Quartet. Soloists are Katrien Baerts, Elsbeth Gerritsen and Mattijs van de Woerd. The concert is preceded by a lecture by musicologist and theologian Martin Hoondert and concluded with a dialogue on “Reconciliation”. After the premiere, this work will be performed in three other cities…   

Kris Oelbrandt has a truly unique position within the contemporary music. He is active as a Trappist monk, but also as a composer. A double mission that Oelbrandt, born in Belgium, fulfills with great enthusiasm. In Oelbrandt’s music on can hear links to composers such as Arvo Pärt and Olivier Messiaen, but he follows his own spiritual path. His compositions leave the monastery walls more and more. For example, pianist Ralph van Raat and organist Jan Hage perform his works and Capella Brabant has established a special bond with him.

Reconciliation Magnificat

New spiritual music that bridges and brings worlds together. With his ‘Reconciliation Magnificat’, composer Kris Oelbrandt provides a warm answer for a seemingly divided world. His composition unites three world religions, as a reconciling hymn to a new world. A world in expectation of a hopeful future. A modern Magnificat that uniquely highlights and reinforces the long-standing bond between those world religions, from the Jewish hymn of Hanna and the Christian hymn of Mary to the Islamic Sura 87. In his composition, Oelbrandt converts these lyrics into a meditative cathedral of sound in which words and music come into an inspiring dialogue.

Music as the key to everyone’s heart. No art form that offers as universal comfort as music. Kris Oelbrandt’s new composition not only takes a conciliatory look at our time, but also offers hope for a new future. Courage is needed to turn away from the fear and anger that holds the world in its grip and to meet the dissenting person. More than ever, a frank conversation leads to new insights.


Capella Brabant chamber choir
Dudok Quartet string quartet
Katrien Baerts soprano
Elsbeth Gerritsen mezzo-soprano
Mattijs van de Woerd baritone
Niek KleinJan percussion
Rieneke Brink flute
Judith van Driel, Marleen Wester violin
Marie-Louise de Jong viola
David Faber cello
Ernestine Stoop harp
Marc Versteeg conductor

More info at November Music

More info at Capella Brabant

Kris Oelbrandt at Donemus

Forbidden Music Regained, soon at Donemus

Over the summer, the Leo Smit Foundation commissioned the company Picturae to scan 30,000 pages of manuscript. These works were written by composers who were banned by the Nazi’s. These mostly unknown works will soon be available at Donemus…   

Preparing this job meant browsing through many more pages. The criteria for including manuscripts in the scanning process were mainly to do with performance. Which version is most clear to read? Which manuscripts are complete? It often meant they had to discard real jewels, like this front page of Ignace Lilien’s opera The Great Catherine, with a libretto by George Bernard Shaw.

The Leo Smit Foundation is now working on designing a user-friendly environment to download the manuscripts at low cost together with Donemus Publishing and the Netherlands Music Institute. Stay tuned!

Forbidden Music Regained is a project by the Leo Smit Foundation. The overall coordinators are Eleonore Pameijer and Carine Alders).

Based in Amsterdam, the Leo Smit Foundation is a knowledge centre open to anyone who wants to know more about composers who were persecuted in the Second World War. Because of their situation their work has sunk into oblivion, yet in many cases they were the musical leaders of their time. The Leo Smit Foundation is dedicated to the discovery and research of these composers and to the publication of their works, in collaboration with editors and other partners. The aim is to make the lives, work and context of these composers accessible to all. With their international contacts, they also act as a knowledge broker for persons and organizations working on the same material.

More info about this project

Daan Manneke – Symposium & Concerts

On november 7th composer Daan Manneke will turn 80. To celebrate this, many concerts have been organized. The Babel Foundation has taken the initiative to organize a symposium (meet and greet musicians, musicologists and students of Daan Manneke). Students and friends of Daan will offer him two lectures and a series of performances of his work that day. Main theme: “Daan as an artisan musician and as inspirator” From 10-16h at the Waalse Kerk in Amsterdam…   

During this symposium there will be two world premieres of works written by (former) students of Daan.  The host is Merlijn Twaalfhoven. Free entry.

Participants: Gerben Gritter, Wim Arts, Jos van der Kooy, Rokus de Groot, Matthijs Koene, Jelena Bazova, Karina Sabac, Marijn Simons and many more.

A selection of  upcoming concerts:

• On November 3rd (18h)Daan Manneke will present at Podium Witteman op NPO2 TV with Ralph van Raat and chamber coir Amsemble

• On November 5th (17h) Willem Jeths will talk about Daan Manneke’s ‘Grote Archipel’ on NTR Radio4

• On November 6th, 16th and 17th ‘Breda viert Manneke‘ gives three concerts with his works.

• On November 7th Cappella Breda will perform several works of Daan Manneke at November Music in the Grote Kerk in Den Bosch

• On November 9th the pianists Jelena Basova, Kelvin Grout, Daniel Kramer, Geoffrey Madge, Hannes Minnaar and Ralph van Raat will perform ‘Grote Archipel’ at the Zeewse Concertzaal

More about the Symposium

All concerts around Daan80

Gerard Beljon – Planctus Cygni

On Sunday November 10th, Collegium Vocale Eindhoven with Rianne Wilbers (soprano), Sabra El Bahri Khatri (soprano), Raphaela Danksagmüller (duduk) and Beate Loonstra (harp), conducted by Ruud Huijbregts, will perform ‘Planctus Cygni’, composed by Gerard Beljon at the ‘Grote Kerk’ in Den Bosch…   

For Planctus Cygni is written for solo soprano, Arabic vocalist, duduk/fujara or saxophone, harp and chamber-choir. The work is based on an anonymous Latin poem written in the Middle Ages, about a swan losing its way while flying over the sea. The swan gets lost, and of course panics while flying on for hours on end across the dark waters, getting very tired and afraid to drown, but in the end it reaches land and is happily saved. But this is not the land where it came from! So from now on the swan is an ‘exulata’, ‘al-manfa’, an exile.

When Gerard Beljon read Planctus Cygni, I immediately associated it with the refugee crisis whime have in Europe. Therefore to him, it was clear that the central theme for my Planctus Cygni composition would be the cultural differences between East and West, and how we can build mutual understanding by communication.

The prospect of mixing our Western notes with these beautiful Eastern ones was also very exciting to him
Festival November Music and the Nederlands Gregoriaans Festival have made that possible by both giving him commissions to compose Planctus Cygni. The result is a 30-minute score full of intriguing new music that offers a sea of possibilities and musical landscapes for soloists, choir and audience.

Beljon is convinced that communication between the different cultures in Europe is the only way to solve our problems: Concurrite omnia Alitum et conclamate Agmina: Join together, all winged creatures, and sing together all of you!

More info

The previous, short version of Planctus Cygni:

Calliope Tsoupaki – Bosch Requiem

The brand-new Bosch Requiem that will be performed on All Souls Day (2 November) is written by November Music festival composer Calliope Tsoupaki. Tsoupaki’s requiem is a musical ode to the Virgin Mary in times of doubt and distress…   

The Greek / Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki places Maria in the middle of her brand new Bosch Requiem. Liknon is a baroque ode to the mother of all mothers and means baby swing cradle. With some of Mary’s icons on her death bed, you see Jesus holding her as a newborn baby in his arms, so the circle is complete.

Maria is inextricably linked to her life for Componist des Vaderlands and November Music festival composer Calliope Tsoupaki. Maria is part of the Byzantine tradition in which Tsoupaki grew up. Maria is honored through countless icons. The composer is particularly fascinated by the icon of Panagia Myrtidiotissa (The Madonna of Myrtle) that can be found on the Greek island of Kythira. According to the myth, the image of Mary was found in burning myrtle bushes. Maria’s face is completely black on this icon. An idea that fascinates Tsoupaki immensely. “Beauty in the darkness,” said the composer.

A requiem requires heavenly singing. For Liknon, Calliope is inspired by the expressive and lyrical timbre of the two central vocalists, countertenor Maarten Engeltjes and tenor Marcel Beekman. Two top voices that are also internationally successful. Tsoupaki wrote a passionate requiem especially for this exceptional duo and the baroque ensemble PRJCT Amsterdam. She used the Marian songs from the book Theotokarion by poet Agapios Landos (1580-1656) from Crete as text material.

Bosch Requiem is part of a surprising total evening directed by MATZER Theater Productions. Prior to the world premiere of Calliope Tsoupaki’s new requiem, writer Lot Vekemans recites a text written especially for this occasion. As a starting shot for the entire evening, Tsoupaki composes a new ritual choral work. The play is performed in the open air by Bossche choirs, visitors to the Bosch Requiem and attendees in the square of the Parade.

More info about the concert

Article by Thea Derks in the Cultuurpers

Article by Nicoline Baartman/VPRO

Article by Mischa Spel/NRC

Kate Moore – Ballet performances in Dortmund

A man, confused by the circumstances of his time and embittered by his life, gets lost in a seemingly hopeless forest. He believes he has come to an end when a mysterious stranger invites him on a fantastic journey. It leads into the fiery chasms of hell and over the Purification Mountain finally into paradise. Xin Peng Wang’s dance-like Sphere Show spans three seasons. All three parts will be united in a single evening. With music by John Adams and Kate Moore…   

With Purgatorio now the ascent to the dizzying heights of the Refining Mountain is imminent. Many dangers lurk, some hard testing must be passed before we are allowed to pass through the huge flame wall of purgatory. Will we have the strength?

“Paradise calls!”

Several works of Kate Moore will be used for this intriguing production:

Whoever You Are Come Forth (from: The Open Road. German Premiere)
The Open Road (from: The Open Road. German Premiere)
The Art of Levitation (German Premiere)

With the kind support of Sunhild and Christian Sutter

With the Dortmund Philharmonic
Staging and choreography: Xin Peng Wang
Concept, Scenario & Dramaturgy: Christian Baier
Stage: Frank Fellmann
Costumes: Bernd Skodzig
Lighting design: Carlo Cerri
Musical Director: Philipp Armbruster

January: 11, 25, 31
February: 15

More info