Calliope Tsoupaki – Inner Life by Saskia Lankhoorn at Podium Witteman

The famous Dutch TV show ‘Podium Witteman’ will continue this time with special broadcasts around a theme. They kick off with the theme ‘Alone’. With contributions by Paul Witteman, Floris Kortie and Mike Boddé. And a new work by Calliope Tsoupaki, ‘Laureate composer of the Netherlands’, performed by pianist Saskia Lankhoorn…   

Shortly after the corona virus paralysed our public life, Laureate Composer Calliope Tsoupaki wrote the piano piece Inner Life, subtitled ‘A Piece for Courage and Hope’ and with a short message: “Amsterdam 18 March 2020, home because of the Corona crisis. A musical wish for everyone: Like a lotus flower blossoms in murky water, I wish that our inner life will continue to blossom in these difficult and uncertain times”.

Laureate Composer Calliope Tsoupaki wants to use the power of music to offer comfort in this time of global crisis. Because mankind needs beauty to get through the crisis. Tsoupaki has written this meditative piece for piano solo.

Pianist Saskia Lankhoorn will play the premiere in the television programme Podium Witteman from her living room on Sunday 29 March. Calliope Tsoupaki made two versions of Inner Life.

Download the score for free!

Inner Life – original version

Inner Life (short version)

Read more at the website of Podium Witteman

Update on the Coronavirus

The Dutch government announced a decision that has a strong impact on premieres, concerts and other public events. All gatherings with estimated more than 100 visitors should be postponed. This affects the world premiere of the opera of Willem Jeths – Ritratto, the world premiere of Elmer Schönberger – Gezien Hercules Segers and the world premiere of Patrick van Deurzen – SURA Cantate, as well as other concerts planned for the upcoming weeks…   

We deeply express our sympathy to all composers and musicians that have to deal with these disappointments. We hope and pray for better times. Above all, we hope that these measures will curb the further spread of the Covid-19 virus, and keep the public safe and healthy.

Following the official recommendation, the Donemus team will work from home till March 31.

Vacancy at the Donemus office

We’re looking for a college to help us this summer. Read more…   

For replacement during maternity leave (period May-September), we are looking for an all-round secretary who can do all kind of tasks;
who picks up the phone, manages contracts, keeps track of the accounts, reports works and concerts to Buma/Stemra, and many more.
Living in/near The Hague.
Min. MBO level.
Knowledge of the music field and music is an advantage.
In the run-up you can already work for 1-2 days in starting from now.

Requirements: English language skills, social attitude, stress resistant, team player, friendly and helpful.

Interested? please contact Davo van Peursen

In memoriam Reinbert de Leeuw

On February 14th Reinbert de Leeuw passed away. Throughout his life he devoted himself with unbridled dedication to contemporary music. We are losing a great advocate for our composers and their works. Read the personal reflection of Davo van Peursen…   

To Reinbert, from Davo:

Shortly after my studies at the Conservatoire in The Hague, I was invited to be one of the four soloists in the work ‘Musik for Tasteninstrumente’ by Maurico Kagel. The orchestra of the conservatory was conducted by you. It was a special experience to play as a young keyboard player under your inspiring leadership in the presence of the composer.

During my time with Donemus I spoke to you regularly in the 1990s when Donemus published a number of arrangements by your hand. At that time we had fascinating conversations about notation of music, the application of conventions and the right approach to accidentals. Your point of view was always to avoid the naturals. Accidentals apply only once, very consistently.

You were closely connected with Donemus. You took care of countless premieres. Bicycle couriers often came to your place with scores of which the ink was still warm. With your lifelong commitment to contemporary music, you were one of our most important ambassadors. We will miss you tremendously.

In recent years we have appreciated you especially as a great composer. I remember the premiere of your ‘Der nächtliche Wanderer’. A breathtaking work conducted by yourself. After that the premiere, the work saw three more performances, including one during the famous Proms in London. On the occasion of the premiere of this work I placed this text on our social media and sent it to you personally in a letter:

Words fail to describe Der nächtliche Wanderer.
Nearly one hour, one block of sound.
A solarium of music, a bath of beauty.
Perfect curves of building and releasing tension.
Revealing all detailed colors of the orchestral palette.
Maestro Reinbert as a craftsman of orchestration,
guiding his musicians to impressive heights.
A rich fountain of notes, yet all useful and effective.
Decades of intense conducting experience
compressed in a high-density monument of music.
Perfection can’t be more perfect.

Thank you, Reinbert,
for sharing so much with us.