Quarantine music by Amos Elkana

Israeli composer Amos Elkana writes several compositions as ‘Quarantine music’. This is a series of works for solo instruments with multiple parts. It can be played by a single musician recording each part and then combining them or by multiple musicians each playing one of the parts…   

In a concert situation, a single player (or more) can play one of the parts while the remaining prerecorded parts played back through speakers.

Quarantine music nº 1, for flute, is made up of four parts that are played through without break. the first and second parts are generally repetitive but with changes here and there. The third part is freer and in a more improvisatory style although written out completely. The fourth begins with long harmonies and goes back to the beginning music in the end.

“Zanshin”, (Quarantine Music nº 2) is for contrabass a cappella. It has four roles and is in three movements.
Zanshin is the state when the mind is fully vigilant and aware of its surroundings; when the mind remains still without being attached to anything and is totally present during every moment and action in the here and now.

Quarantine Music nº 1 at the Donemus catalogue

Quarantine Music nº 2 at the Donemus catalogue

Dr. Stephen Loy on the ‘Nine Symphonies of Beethoven’ by L. Andriessen

Louis Andriessen composed De Negen Symfonieën van Beethoven voor Promenade Orkest en Yscobel1 in 1970 as a musical contribution to the Beethoven bicentenary celebrations of that year. Written during a period of social and political upheaval in many western nations, including Andriessen’s native Holland, the work constitutes one of Andriessen’s many musical contributions to social and political discourse concerning both local and global issues…   

The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven also represents a significant moment in Louis Andriessen’s œuvre, after which he was to question and subsequently refashion his approach to socio-politically engaged composition. A parodic collage of Beethoven quotations, The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven presents an abrasive postmodernist critique of aspects of musical tradition and concert practice, prior to his ensuing development of more constructive musical manifestations of his social and political convictions.

As an intersection between one of the central pillars of the Western musical tradition and Andriessen’s socio-political commitment, The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven is representative of the artistic consideration of the meaning and significance of tradition to radical socio-political contemporary artworks. This was a concern of many artists of the period.

Stephen Loy wrote a great study on this work, that can be downloaded for free.

Dr. Stephen Loy is a Lecturer Musicology at the Australian National University. His research interests range across a variety of areas, taking in both the study of Western art music of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as popular music studies. A particular research interest is the interaction between the experimental avant-garde of the 1960s and 1970s and aspects of the popular music of the period. He has worked on many projects.

Download: Loy – Nice Symphonies Andriessen.

Some positive news during difficult times

Last weeks Donemus could pay composers their royalties. Davo van Peursen: “We’re happy that Donemus is standing strong. Many concerts are cancelled, but we still get some new orders daily. We’re working on future plans and hope to share more soon”…   

Together with composers and musicians, Donemus is now investing time in its label ‘Donemus Composers’ Voice. New recordings, delivered by composers and musicians are distributed world wide through Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and many more. Over 200 releases can be found at all kinds of digital platforms. Audio is a great promotion tool and it generates some income as well.

Today Donemus  released the 4 bagatelles of Dmitri Kourliandski, performed by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble! Donemus split any revenues to the musicians (50%), composer (25%) and Donemus (25%).

If you like, contact us ( so we can publish your audio as well…

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