Alexey Sioumak – Frost, Red Nose

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‘Frost, Red Nose’ is a chamber opera based on the poem by Nikolay Nekrasov with music by Alexey Sioumak, a music theater production of the experimental Theater Practice (Moscow). Read more about this intriguing production…   

This is a performance about death, and overcoming it, about pain, about grief, about disaster, about winter, about misfortune in their female dimension. All these words are feminine for some reason. In the center of the plot is a woman experiencing a loss. Death is something that everyone sooner or later faces in their life: the performance suggests following this path – from collision with catastrophe to rebellion, protest, and from it to acceptance, to the search for a way out and a solution. Opera in “The Theater Practice” offers to approach this topic by means of aesthetics. Thinking about the inevitable, about living grief occurs in a space of beauty – music, scenery, voices, in an atmosphere of a bewitching winter.

The opera, written by Alexei Sioumak specifically for Theater Practice, is an exclusive performance that reveals the complex and rich musical nature of Nekrasov’s text. For the theater, this is a kind of experiment – the first chamber opera in the repertoire. The performance includes musicians and vocalists – participants of the ensemble “Practice”, created in the theater in the spring of 2019, and a dramatic actress from the Brusnikin Workshop Yana Enzhaeva.

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