André Laporte: Autobiography

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Van Kemenade & Hollaers has just released the autobiography of André Laporte, one of the most important Flemish composers, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday…   

André Laporte is not only one of the most important Flemish composers of our time, he also enjoys great international renown. On the occasion of his ninetieth birthday in 2021, he compiled his autobiography. He talks about his life, about his various professional activities, he describes his contacts with other artists, his dedication to the music of Flemish composers, his interest in other arts and how that interest has influenced his composing.

This publication contains several lectures and essays by Laporte in which he gives his personal view on the evolution of old and new music, describes the music of his preference, makes a case for the music of Flanders and its international importance, and outlines the current music life. In other lectures, he elaborates on his own music and his own aesthetics.

All compositions in composer’s oeuvre are provided with his own commentary, with of course a lot of attention dedicated to his opera Das Schloss. Through this multi-faceted approach, André Laporte provides a profound insight into his personal way of composing and into his critical vision of contemporary music. This picture is completed by press reviews and comments, as well as by essays written by Guido Defever, Yves Knockaert and Herman Sabbe.

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