Bianca Bongers – to the ..light.. and the HEAVY!! (world premiere)

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On September 6th at the Gaudeamus Music-week the IEMA Ensemble 18/19 – the famous German Ensemble Modern’s training academy – will play four world premieres by young composers: Elnaz Seyedi from Iran, Michael Taplin from the UK, Leonardo Marino from Italy and Bianca Bongers from the Netherlands. Brand-new, exciting sound explorations by the composers of tomorrow, developed in close collaboration with up-and-coming, talented young musicians. Read more about this new work of Bianca Bongers…   

Something that is heavy and light at the same time. This piece is a search for weight and lightness, always complimenting each other and finding different ways of balance. The strong form they shape together is something Bianca Bongers first became aware of through modern architecture. From there, she tried to find how this principle applies to personal emotion as well. Giving an ode to the light and deeper states of feeling.

In the opening of the piece, the weight comes down to the ground and directly seems to bounce up again. This whole passage can be seen as one big ‘bouncing out’. Where the moments of coming down are short and tutti, the moments ‘up’ are based on individual lines and rhythmic elements, keeping a tension from one to the other.

The second passage, gives sound to an abstract inside emotion, like a sort of request to the outside. It starts small, from just a group of instruments. But also when on its strongest, the ‘cluster’-like sound is still built up from little, carefully shaped microtonal melodies in the high woodwinds and strings. Within the space they leave open, intuitive and unpolished glissandi from the lower instruments are coming out. Creating a propelling movement, to really lean into. Both passages show attempts on making sound to expand, and form a ‘sound object’ within that. The last passage starts from one of those objects. Being an arch shape, without a clear point of landing. Bongers made it like a drawing, with a short length of time but a big height, where many aspects come together in one moment.