Calendar with music for 2021 by Kees Arntzen

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After the ‘Cute Proverbs Calendar 2018’, for the year 2021 Kees Arntzen comes with a new calendar. This time with twelve lithographs and drawings of the Amsterdam School, the architectural style that caused a furore a hundred years ago…   

Each calendar page offers the opportunity to listen to matching music from the year of construction of the building depicted for a month via the internet. The choice of music was made in collaboration with the Leo Smit Foundation.

Concert and Vernissage

The twelve calendar sheets will be exhibited from Sunday 27 September in Museum Het Schip in Amsterdam in combination with a small concert on 31 October at 16.00, at which Kees Arntzen also presents his new CD ‘…dejar abajo…’.

With each calendar one will separately acquire an exclusive lithography of one of the buildings shown, traditionally printed in a very small edition on the presses of Steendrukkerij Aad Hekker on first quality ‘Reina’ – paper (retail value € 125,-).

This will also give access to the vernissage and the CD presentation with a small concert on Saturday, October 31 at 16:00 in the museum, if desired in combination with a previous museum visit and a small tour of the exhibition on master-builder Bruno Taut. (Admission to the museum free of charge with Museumjaarkaart or BankGiroLottery card, otherwise € 15,-)

Sign up Exclusive

In order to make the project financially possible and to be able to estimate the size of the print runs, Kees Arntzen organizes this subscription action in advance, for a select group of friends and acquaintances who were involved or turned out to be interested in previous productions.

  • For € 15 you get the new CD …dejar abajo…
  • For € 85 you will receive the Amsterdam School Calendar 2021 plus a hand-printed lithograph of your choice.
  • For € 95 you get the calendar 2021 including lithograph and cd.