Calliope Tsoupaki – Composer Laureate

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Donemus congratulates Calliope Tsoupaki who since November 25th has been appointed ‘Componist des Vaderlands (Composer Laureate)’ for the next two years. She will be the new ambassador of all composers and share with the world what composers do and how they work…   

Calliope Tsoupaki will take over from Mayke Nas, and before her Willem Jeths. She has now finished a new composition for panpipes. Premiere at December 10th by Matthijs Koene at the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Dom, Utrecht.

In 2018 she had great premieres at the Holland Festival and the ZaterdagMatinee. Great projects are coming up. Stay tuned for more news about this ambassador of composers and contemporary music.

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