Calliope Tsoupaki – Inner Life by Saskia Lankhoorn at Podium Witteman

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The famous Dutch TV show ‘Podium Witteman’ will continue this time with special broadcasts around a theme. They kick off with the theme ‘Alone’. With contributions by Paul Witteman, Floris Kortie and Mike Boddé. And a new work by Calliope Tsoupaki, ‘Laureate composer of the Netherlands’, performed by pianist Saskia Lankhoorn…   

Shortly after the corona virus paralysed our public life, Laureate Composer Calliope Tsoupaki wrote the piano piece Inner Life, subtitled ‘A Piece for Courage and Hope’ and with a short message: “Amsterdam 18 March 2020, home because of the Corona crisis. A musical wish for everyone: Like a lotus flower blossoms in murky water, I wish that our inner life will continue to blossom in these difficult and uncertain times”.

Laureate Composer Calliope Tsoupaki wants to use the power of music to offer comfort in this time of global crisis. Because mankind needs beauty to get through the crisis. Tsoupaki has written this meditative piece for piano solo.

Pianist Saskia Lankhoorn will play the premiere in the television programme Podium Witteman from her living room on Sunday 29 March. Calliope Tsoupaki made two versions of Inner Life.

Download the score for free!

Inner Life – original version

Inner Life (short version)

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