Canti d’inizio e fine
 – Maxim Shalygin and Maya Fridman

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Cellist Maya Fridman, worked last season on various projects under the auspices of Gaudeamus. Composer Maxim Shalygin wrote the seven-part work ‘Canti d’inizio e fine’ for her. Technically demanding and thematically profound, with references to the Holocaust and the cycle of life and death….   

For over ten years, Shalygin has been occupied with a project for a lifetime: music for solo instruments, since the most concealed, intimate and deep things can only be expressed by a single instrument. One musician on the stage, who plays not really for the public, but more for himself is similar to a praying person. In each of his solo works Shalygin reaches an exalted state, giving the instrument a special voice.
For this kind of music work composer always looks forward to meet the musician with a capital M. Who obtains unique technical skills, possesses a wide scale of emotional palette, stoic work ethics, and ready to be challenged. The talent of Maya Fridman includes all the above mentioned components, and even more. She has a huge potential to implement the new ideas. She belongs to that number of musicians who were born to pave the way for the new music.
Last April, Fridman already played the first five parts in KuuB. In the fantastic acoustics of the MerkAz synagogue, Fridman now officially premieres all seven parts of the piece. In this emotional and intense work she not only gets the very best out of her cello, but also sings with great gusto.

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