Kyriakides at the Opera Forward Festival

From spear to smartphone: over the centuries, human beings have developed countless tools to master their world. But do we really rule our technology, or are we in its grasp? ‘Ode to Man’ by Yannis Kyriakides will be performed on March 1–4 at the Opera Forward Festival…   

Homo Instrumentalis brings together four compositions exploring our relationship with technology: “Machinations” by Georges Aperghis (2000 – version Silbersee 2017), “La fabbrica illuminata” by Luigi Nono (1964) and “Ode to Man (part 1 and 2)” by Yannis Kyriakides (2017).

We hear admiration for human ingenuity, fear of industrial machinery, as well as satisfaction with the conveniences of the digital world. On the basis of these compositions, Silbersee blends song, dance, electronics and video art. Homo Instrumentalis is a visual music performance about man and machine.

Silbersee is a production centre for unorthodox music theatre and experimental opera. Artistic director and founder Romain Bischoff creates meetings between a diversity of theatre makers, composers, writers, singers, dancers, actors, choreographers, puppeteers, circus performers and other artists, in genres ranging from classical to urban. This leads to interdisciplinary performances that each in their own way are physical, poetic and disarming.

Performers – Fanny Alofs, Miguel Angél Gaspar, Jennifer Claire van der Hart, Eléonore Lemaire, Jorge Morro, Carl Refos, Michaela Riener, Johanne Saunier
Live-Electronics & Soundscapes – Wouter Snoei

Composers Georges Aperghis, Luigi Nono, Yannis Kyriakides
Musical direction Romain Bischoff
Performance Silbersee
Choreography Johanne Saunier
Video Frederik Jassogne, Bart Moens (Hangaar)
Lighting and Stage Design Floriaan Ganzevoort
Costume Design Dieuweke van Reij
Choreographic & artistic assistance Juliette van Ingen
Dramaturgical advice Wout van Tongeren

Supported by Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Ammodo.

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Klas Torstensson – L’autunno di Christina

Klas Torstensson’s ‘L’autunno di Christina’, will be performed at the festival ‘Decibels’ on March 1. Soprano Charlotte Riedijk will perform together with Sinfonietta Rīga and conductor Normunds Šnē…   

Christina’s Autumn is the literal translation of the title of Klas Torstensson’s work, but in its true sense the title here connotes the life’s autumn – the last years before one’s passing. Torstensson’s Christina Cyclus tells about the life and works of Swedish queen Christina (1632—1689). After ten years on the throne, she abdicated, adopted Catholicism and spent the last few decades of her life in Rome as a patroness of fine arts.

In the last part of Christina Cyclus, ‘L’autunno di Christina‘ for soprano and large instrumental ensemble we meet the queen at the end of her years, looking back on her rebellious life, full of struggles, unfulfilled desires and longing. In his work, Torstensson has used the words of both Christina herself and her contemporaries.

The composition was first performed by Charlotte Riedijk and Sinfonietta Rīga in May 2018 in Rotterdam.

composition: Klas Torstensson
conductor: Normunds Šnē
soprano: Charlotte Riedijk

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Focus on Jan Vriend (80) at the Orgelpark

During the year that composer Jan Vriend turns 80, his works will be performed at the Orgelpark by Ralph van Raat and Jan Vriend – piano, Jan Hage – organ, Ilonka Kolthof – piccolo and Joy Lisney – cello…   

At the program are Bachanalia… mit Tränen… for organ (2009), Symphonic Dances for cello (2013) and movements from Liebestraüme for piano (2010). And the world premiere of a new Sonata for piccolo and piano!

Read the long interview with Jan Vriend by René van Peer

See below the rehearsal of Bachanalia in 2009 at the Concertgebouw


Kyriakides – Face

On Saturday, February 16th, the composition ‘Face’ by Yannis Kyriakides can be heard again at the Orgelpark. Composed for, and performed by, ELECTRA (Michaela Riener, Susana Borsch, Diamanda Dramm, Saskia Lankhoorn), ‘Face’ was made in collaboration with visual artists Johannes Schwartz and Maria Barnas…   

Face is a multimedia composition for voice, violin, recorders, piano, live electronics and video, based on notions of face, not only as a manifestation of emotion and identity, but as a data set to be collected and used by external powers. The piece navigates between the problematic practice of anthropometry in the early 20th century, specifically the measurement of cranial features to determine character types, to the current use of emotional face recognition software to collect data about the emotional engagement of consumers.

More info about the concert

Face at the Donemus catalogue

Yannis Kyriakides at Donemus

Joey Roukens: Angeli, at the Orgelpark

On Sunday, February 3rd, the female choir ‘Wishful Singing’ and Hayo Boerema will perform the new version of Joey Roukens’ ‘Angeli’ at the Orgelpark in Amsterdam…   

From brilliant angel-like singing to dark organ sounds: it all passes by with Angels & Demons by Wishful Singing and Hayo Boerema. Wishful Singing sings a sparkling adaptation of the work Angeli by Joey Roukens, which recently premiered at the Cello Biennale. In addition, the ensemble also features centuries-old Gregorian melodies in combination with grim organ improvisations by Hayo Boerema.

More info about the concert

Listen to the original version of Angeli by Wishful Singing and the Cello Octet Amsterdam during the Cello Biënnale 2018.

Niels Walboomers, new board member at Donemus

The Donemus Foundation is honoured to have Niels Walboomers joining the board. He works as Managing Director Sony/ATV Music Publishing Benelux, which is the largest music publishing company in the world owning the rights to songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Motown, Queen, Red One, Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson & many More. With his experience, he brings a strong input from the music industry to Donemus…   

His personal statement:

I am a dedicated, reliable, loyal, hardworking and no nonsense independent music business entrepreneur. Never giving up and always staying very focused on making projects successful.Connecting people and businesses every day and creating new opportunities where and whenever possible.

More about the Donemus Board

Niels Walboomers at Linkedin

Hans Leenders conducts Chiel Meijering – Kiss of fire

On February 26th, the Georgishes Kammerorchester Ingolstadt will perform the well know work ‘Kiss of Fire’ of Chiel Meijiering together with Spark, the ‘classical band’. Hans Leenders will be the conductor for this concert.
The same Spark will be present at the closing act of Classical Next in May!…   

Willem Boogman – Composer Portrait at Orgelpark

The Orgelpark Amsterdam presents a Composer Portrait on WIllem Boogman on Sunday afternoon February 24th, 2019.
They selected eight recent compositions which in very different ways give a good impression of his work and what his music is about.
Willem Boogman will give an introduction based on the pieces on the program…   

There are two premieres: Liefde een woning, nr 1 for voice and organ, by Sandra Macrander and Geerten van de Wetering and Genieting VII for piano, by Bobby Mitchell.

The Composer Portrait will be performed by fantastic musicians!


1a. Waltz from Nous le chant III for The Busy Drone (2015)
1b. Introduction ›no la persona, ma la sua figura‹ (Giacomo da Lentini, 13th century)

2. De dag daagt for organ (2010 | rev. 2018)
transitional music for daybreak from the cycle Day Daily
Geerten van de Wetering – organ

3. Duik langs het koraalrif for accordion and five or six instruments at choice (2017)
Edition I for accordion and automatic organs, arrangement by Trevor Grahl
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion

4. Genieting VII for piano (2015 | 2017, premiere)
Bobby Mitchell – piano


5. The Road To Here for brass quartet and organ (2018)
The brass quartet of 9×13 consists of Arthur Kerklaan and Anneke Romeijn – trumpets, Pierre Buizer – horn, Anton van Houten – trombone
Geerten van de Wetering – organ

6. Liefde een Woning, nr 1 for voice and organ (2018, premiere)
Sandra Macrander – mezzo/performer and Geerten van de Wetering – organ
(Commissioned by the Orgelpark)

7. Genieting VI for piccolo (2015)
Ilonka Kolthof – piccolo

8. Intermezzi, modulationes super Passionem secundum Joannem for accordion and string quartet (2016)
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion, Janneke van Prooijen – violin I, Emma Breedveld – violin II, Frank Brakkee – viola, Eilidh Martin – cello

More info about the concert

Read the interview by Jacqueline Oskamp at Timbre

Willem Jeths – Du bist älter, du bist neuer

On Friday, February 8th, Edo de Waart will conduct the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest and the Groot Omroepkoor with the world premiere of Willem Jeths – Du bist älter, du bist neuer. Together with Tristan Keuris – Sinfonia. At TivoliVredenburg…   


Dass du nicht enden kannst das macht dich gross,
Und dass du nie beginnst das ist dein Loos.
Dein Lied ist drehend wie das Stern Gewölbe,
Anfang und Ende immer fort dasselbe,
Und was die Mitte bringt ist offenbar,
Das was zu Ende bleibt und Anfangs war.

Nun töne Lied mit eignem Feuer!
Denn du bist älter, du bist neuer.

Selige Sehnsucht

Sagt es niemand, nur den Weisen,
Weil die Menge gleich verhöhnet,
Das Lebend’ge will ich preisen
Das nach Flammentod sich sehnet.

In der Liebesnaechte Kühlung,
Die dich zeugte, wo du zeugtest,
Ueberfaellt dich fremde Fühlung
Wenn die stille Kerze leuchtet.

Nicht mehr bleibtest du umfangen
In der Finsterniss Beschattung,
Und dich reisset neu Verlangen
Auf zu höherer Begattung.

Keine Ferne macht dich schwierig
Kommst geflogen und gebannt
Und zuletzt, des Lichts begierig,
Bist du Schmetterling verbrannt.

Und so lang du das nicht hast,
Dieses: Stirb und werde!
Bist du nur ein trüber Gast
Auf der dunklen Erde.

Poems taken from:
Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Sämtliche Gedichte, West-Östlicher Divan 1827, p. 534 and p. 530
Insel Verlag Frankfurt am Main und Leipzig, 2007.

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