Dutch Music Days at Sacharov Art Festival

For already more than 15 years, Dutch Music Days get a special place in the program of the Sacharov Art Festival which takes place once in two years in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. Coming edition will be on June 5-6. The Netherlands Embassy in Russia will visit the performances…   

The opening concert program at the Philharmonic hall includes Saxophone Concerto by Hanna Kulenty (with Evgeny Novikov as soloist) and Morphic Waves by Joey Roukens by Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Peter Biloen.

The program of the second day Night of the Unexpected will be held in the National Center Contemporary ArtsNCCA Arsenal – and include a wide range of Dutch music, including Candy Box by Chiel Meijering, Lipstick and Grab it! by Jacob TV, Cloud Atlas by Douwe Eisenga, P.S. by Dmitry Kourliandski, Karaoke Etudes by Yannis Kyriakides performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Evgeny Novikov (saxophone) and sound-artist Gert-Jan Prins.

More info about the concert on June 5th

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Night of the Unexpected

Calliope Tsoupaki premiere at Holland Festival

Tragoudi – double concerto for clarinet, trumpet and orchestra by Greek-Dutch composer Calliope Tsoupaki will get its world premiere on 8-9 June in Holland Festival at Theater Carré (Amsterdam). The performers are the outstanding soloists Kinan Azmeh (clarinet) and Eric Vloeimans (trumpet) and the Metropole Orchestra. Tsoupaki’s work is often inspired by traditional music from Greece and the Middle East….   

The Syrian Big Band was the first of its kind in the Arab world and gave big band a voice in Syria. Working with the Metropole Orkest, soloists of the Syrian Big Band – most of them now live in the West – are playing an adventurous programme at Carré, packed with traditional repertoire and own energetic work. Versatile musicians such as ney player Moslem Rahal (who was at the 2016 festival with The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians), singer Dima Orsho, and singer and multiinstrumentalist Ibrahim Keivo are presenting their soulful sounds. Top clarinettist Kinan Azmeh and Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans are playing the world premiere of a double concerto for clarinet and trumpet: Tragoudi. It will be composed by Greek-Dutch Calliope Tsoupaki, whose work is often inspired by traditional music from Greece and the Middle East. Tragoudi at Donemus Tickets for the concerts

Vanessa Lann premiere at Oranjewoud Festival

The program of the Oranjewoud Festival opens with a spectacular world premiere of ‘Future Perfect’, a site-specific work for symphony orchestra by American-Dutch composer Vanessa Lann. The piece is inspired by the melodies and the instrumentation of Schubert’s eighth symphony, “The Unfinished”. In fact, the whole work is intended to answer the question, “What would Schubert sound like if he wrote his music in 2018, rather than 1822?”…   

In the middle of Future Perfect one can hear fragments of the second movement of Schubert’s Eighth breaking through in the strings, bassoons and horns, while the trumpets and trombones – placed on the left and right sides of the audience – introduce recognizable melodies from other Schubert passages. Only after the first and second movements have been played does the insistent, raw, rock-and-roll repetition of motives in the first and third movements make sense to the listener. Just like in the verb tense “future perfect”, one completed action must occur before another is begun. You understand the beginning only after experiencing the middle.

Future Perfect is written to be premiered in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Oranjewoud woods, above the Prinsenwijk body of water on the Oranjewoud Estate. With the spatial set-up, the groovy repeated rhythms, and the brass and celesta mingling with the sounds of nature, it should be a spectacular and also fun way to celebrate what is sure to be a creative, exciting and surprising festival.

More info about the concert at Oranjewoud

Future Perfect at Donemus

Another work by Vanessa Lann – ‘Rise’ written for two bassoon and amateur-orchestra will be performed on June 2-3 by Martine Reurings, Dick Hanemaayer and Airchestra with conductor Johan Olaf.

More info about Airchestra


Gerard Beljon – Planctus Cygni

On June 9th Collegium Vocale Eindhoven will bring the world premiere of Gerard Beljon’s ‘Planctus Cygni’, commissioned by the ‘Nederlands Gregoriaans Festival’. The Latin lyrics and melody are originally written in approx. 800 AD….   

The original work sings about the fate of a swan who gets lost, ends up at sea, almost drowns, but at the last moment sees the light of the dawn and returns to land. This text appealed to Beljon because he sees a parallel with the current refugee crises.
Many melodies from the composition are from the original song, besides Beljon used elements from the psalm ‘Sion klagt mit Angst und Schermzen’, to symbolize the misery of the swan and of the refugees. The poem Planctus Cygni has a happy end, something we would wish for with the refugees as well.

Willem Jeths: Conductus – Constructio

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Conductus – Constructio by Willem Jeths. Conductor: Thomas Søndergård.
On May 18th, 1940 the city Rotterdam started to rebuild of the city after the bombings during World War II…
Willem Jeth’s works are a diptych of destruction and resurrection…   

Commissioned by the Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest
to the 75th commemoration of the Rotterdam bombardment.
Written with financial support of the family Von Weiler.

Commissioned by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
This composition reflects on the Rotterdam concept of “Opbouwdag” (Building Day), which is 18 May each year. This date stems from 18 May 1940, the day the city council of Rotterdam started developing a new plan after the bombardment on 14 May 1940.

At the same concert, Ralph van Raat will be the soloist in the Piano Concerto of Tristan Keuris

More info about the concert
(lees de programma-toelichting Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest)


World premiere Marijn Simons ‘AVROTROS Vrijdagconcert’

On May 18th the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest and Groot Omroepkoor will bring the world premiere of Marijn Simons (1982) – Etoile de la Mer. The work will be broadcasted in The Netherlands, Spain, at the Saarländischer Rundfunk, and in Romania, Poland and Bulgaria…   

It is already Marijn Simons’s 3rd commission for this AVROTROS Vrijdagconcer series. He wrote already a Trombone concerto ‘Visiting the Angels’ (2009) and his Fourth Symphony (2012). Simons likes to work with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. ‘They are without doubt one of the best orchestras in the Netherlands.

Read the full interview with Thea Derks
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Cooperation: Asko|Schönberg, Donemus and Newzik

Ensemble Asko|Schönberg, music publisher Donemus and French software company Newzik are initiating a joint innovative pilot that forms the basis for further collaboration between composer, publisher and ensemble and orchestras, making use of the latest technological developments…   

Newzik has developed software that enables collaborative sheet music reading on iPads. During the concert (De)construction of Asko|Schönberg on 17 May 2018 in Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, this software on iPad will be used for the first time in the Netherlands.

The digital solution
Sheet music on tablets is not new. However, the company Newzik is developing a technology that, in the near future, guarantees publishing rights and copyright. This enables safe distribution, copying, editing and archiving of scores and the copyright is protected.

How does it work and what are the benefits?
The music of Yannis Kyriakides – ‘Der Komponist’, supplied by Donemus is put into the new software by Newzik and sent to the ensemble. During the rehearsals, all remarks that are made by the conductor and musicians are immediately recorded in all files (parts) and saved for the future. This not only makes rehearsing more efficient, it is also very important that knowledge about play methods and techniques is recorded and archived. This is of great importance for Asko|Schönberg, because the ensemble often collaborates with the composer. Not only the remarks but also all personal cues, a wealth of added information, are immortalized.

This new development paves the way for a definite switch from the old paper sheet music to the digital age. The initiative is also embraced abroad. In its short existence, Newzik has been able to bind Die Wiener Staatsoper and various orchestras in France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

More info about the concert
More info about NewZik
More info about Yannis Kyriakides
Read about the ‘Donemus Case Study’ on NewZik


Granddaughter Biljana Urban presents Jan Urban

On May 15th Biljana Urban will perform some works of her grandfather Jan Urban (1875–1952). This will be organized by in Vienna in their series “Echo des Unerhörten” Donemus will publish some of his works…   

Biljana Urban, pianist in The Netherlands, will perform with Orsolya Korcsolán (violin). Ethel Merhaut (soprano) and Sándor Károlyi (piano). Irene Suchy will moderate a discussion with Biljana and Dr. Michael Haas.

The Czech born composer and conductor Jan Urban, after graduating from the Prague Conservatory in 1897, accepted an invitation by the Serbian Government and settled in the Kingdom of Serbia, in March 1899. He was part of around 250 Czech musicians, who in the last decades of the 19th century emigrated to the Southern Slav countries in order to improve local musical culture. Serbia was particularly interesting to them as the free country in Europe not dominated by the Ottoman or Habsburg empires…. (Read more about Treasured composer Jan Urban)

In June there will be an exhibition on Jan Urban in Vienna and on May 24th Biljana Urban will talk about this exhibition in Vienna and the works of her grandfather in Opium live.

On October 9th Biljana will give a recital in Vienna at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Stay tuned for more details…

Donemus will publish some of his works in cooperation with Biljana Urban. First Album available soon.

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Listen to works by Jan Urban:

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World premiere Klas Torstensson – L’autunno di Christina

Operadagen Rotterdam and de Doelen present the world premiere of ‘L’autunno di Christina’, commissioned by de Doelen…   

Sinfonietta Riga, together with violinist Joseph Puglia and soprano Charlotte Riedijk, performs the first three parts of the versatile Christina Cycle by Klas Torstensson. This consists of three works on texts by and about the Swedish queen Christina (1626-1689): a particularly intriguing, heroic woman who immersed herself in alchemy and astronomy, revolted against traditional femininity, did not want to marry and renounced herself the throne. She spent her last years in Rome as a patron of theater, sculpture and music.

composition: Klas Torstensson
conductor: Normunds Sne
soprano: Charlotte Riedijk
performance: Sinfonietta Riga

More info about the concert in Rotterdam
More info about the concert in Amsterdam