Hans Leenders conducts Chiel Meijering – Kiss of fire

On February 26th, the Georgishes Kammerorchester Ingolstadt will perform the well know work ‘Kiss of Fire’ of Chiel Meijiering together with Spark, the ‘classical band’. Hans Leenders will be the conductor for this concert.
The same Spark will be present at the closing act of Classical Next in May!…   

Willem Boogman – Composer Portrait at Orgelpark

The Orgelpark Amsterdam presents a Composer Portrait on WIllem Boogman on Sunday afternoon February 24th, 2019.
They selected eight recent compositions which in very different ways give a good impression of his work and what his music is about.
Willem Boogman will give an introduction based on the pieces on the program…   

There are two premieres: Liefde een woning, nr 1 for voice and organ, by Sandra Macrander and Geerten van de Wetering and Genieting VII for piano, by Bobby Mitchell.

The Composer Portrait will be performed by fantastic musicians!


1a. Waltz from Nous le chant III for The Busy Drone (2015)
1b. Introduction ›no la persona, ma la sua figura‹ (Giacomo da Lentini, 13th century)

2. De dag daagt for organ (2010 | rev. 2018)
transitional music for daybreak from the cycle Day Daily
Geerten van de Wetering – organ

3. Duik langs het koraalrif for accordion and five or six instruments at choice (2017)
Edition I for accordion and automatic organs, arrangement by Trevor Grahl
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion

4. Genieting VII for piano (2015 | 2017, premiere)
Bobby Mitchell – piano


5. The Road To Here for brass quartet and organ (2018)
The brass quartet of 9×13 consists of Arthur Kerklaan and Anneke Romeijn – trumpets, Pierre Buizer – horn, Anton van Houten – trombone
Geerten van de Wetering – organ

6. Liefde een Woning, nr 1 for voice and organ (2018, premiere)
Sandra Macrander – mezzo/performer and Geerten van de Wetering – organ
(Commissioned by the Orgelpark)

7. Genieting VI for piccolo (2015)
Ilonka Kolthof – piccolo

8. Intermezzi, modulationes super Passionem secundum Joannem for accordion and string quartet (2016)
Vincent van Amsterdam – accordion, Janneke van Prooijen – violin I, Emma Breedveld – violin II, Frank Brakkee – viola, Eilidh Martin – cello

More info about the concert

Read the interview by Jacqueline Oskamp at Timbre

Willem Jeths – Du bist älter, du bist neuer

On Friday, February 8th, Edo de Waart will conduct the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest and the Groot Omroepkoor with the world premiere of Willem Jeths – Du bist älter, du bist neuer. Together with Tristan Keuris – Sinfonia. At TivoliVredenburg…   


Dass du nicht enden kannst das macht dich gross,
Und dass du nie beginnst das ist dein Loos.
Dein Lied ist drehend wie das Stern Gewölbe,
Anfang und Ende immer fort dasselbe,
Und was die Mitte bringt ist offenbar,
Das was zu Ende bleibt und Anfangs war.

Nun töne Lied mit eignem Feuer!
Denn du bist älter, du bist neuer.

Selige Sehnsucht

Sagt es niemand, nur den Weisen,
Weil die Menge gleich verhöhnet,
Das Lebend’ge will ich preisen
Das nach Flammentod sich sehnet.

In der Liebesnaechte Kühlung,
Die dich zeugte, wo du zeugtest,
Ueberfaellt dich fremde Fühlung
Wenn die stille Kerze leuchtet.

Nicht mehr bleibtest du umfangen
In der Finsterniss Beschattung,
Und dich reisset neu Verlangen
Auf zu höherer Begattung.

Keine Ferne macht dich schwierig
Kommst geflogen und gebannt
Und zuletzt, des Lichts begierig,
Bist du Schmetterling verbrannt.

Und so lang du das nicht hast,
Dieses: Stirb und werde!
Bist du nur ein trüber Gast
Auf der dunklen Erde.

Poems taken from:
Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Sämtliche Gedichte, West-Östlicher Divan 1827, p. 534 and p. 530
Insel Verlag Frankfurt am Main und Leipzig, 2007.

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Elise Menkhorst, our new board member

The Donemus Foundation welcomes Elise Menkhorst as new board member. She is a lawyer and specialist in the fields of intellectual property law and commercial contracts. She has been part of Clairfort from the time of its establishment in October 2017. She developed the current publishing contract of Donemus when it was still part of MCN. Donemus is very honoured to have her in the board…   

She provides advice and litigates in the fields of law governing trading names, trademarks, copyrights, designs and advertising, amongst others. Elise helps both Dutch and international businesses and acts in relation to domestic and cross-border disputes. She liaises with designers and businesses about securing the best possible protection for their rights. She also helps various parties in the case of an infringement. This may involve either enforcing rights in relation to other parties who exercise them in the absence of consent or where such parties are themselves called to account.

She is also active in drafting and assessing general terms and conditions. Apart from this, she is in her element when negotiating and drawing up commercial contracts, such as collaboration agreements and contracts providing for the assignment and exercise of intellectual property rights.

Elise studied at the University of Leiden and at the UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. At the time Elise started out with the intellectual property and IT firm, De Gier | Stam & Advocaten, in Utrecht and later worked as part of the intellectual property practice of Banning Advocaten in Den Bosch. She has been involved in Clairfort since its establishment. She is an enthusiastic, accessible and highly motivated lawyer, and dedicates herself to obtaining the best outcome for her clients with the aid of strategy and expertise. Elise regularly gives talks in her fields of expertise and is a member of the Beneluxvereniging voor Merken- en Modellenrecht [Benelux Trademark and Design Law Association] (BMM) and the Netherlands Advertising Law Association [Vereniging voor Reclamerecht] (VvRr), amongst other things.

Elise Menkhorst at Clairfort

More info about the Donemus Board

Keuris, Kunst and Loevendie by the Score Collective

The Amsterdam Score Collective conducted by Ed Spanjaard will perform works by Jos Kunst, Theo Loevendie and Tristan Keuris e.o. at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ on January 18th…   

A concert with Dutch music from the period between 1965 and 1980, a time in which the famous ensemble culture emerged. In 1980, Joël Bons, together with Score Collective conductor Ed Spanjaard, founded the Nieuw Ensemble, with which they built on Dutch ensemble music over many years. Bons was part of the birth of Score Collective and writes a new work especially for this concert.

Jos Kunst’s composition Insects gives the name to this program. The diversity and industry and sometimes the stubbornness of this class of arthropods symbolize the activity and productivity of the Dutch composers. In addition to Tristan Keuris‘ rarely performed work, one can enjoy the beautiful Six Turkish Folk Songs of Theo Loevendie. And also a brand new work by the youngest generation of composers.

More info about the concert

Arnon Grunberg and Simeon ten Holt

(Dutch article:) De veelgeprezen nieuwe roman van Arnon Grunberg is nu gratis te downloaden als Immer-app, een nieuwe manier van lezen op iPhone en iPad met daarbij Canto Ostinato van Simeon ten Holt…     

De app verdeelt de tekst van Goede mannen in afgemeten porties en brengt die soepel, stijlvol en overzichtelijk in beeld. Zo wordt het makkelijker om aandachtig te lezen, in korte en lange sessies.

Met koptelefoon op kun je tijdens het lezen luisteren naar Canto Ostinato van Simeon ten Holt, net zoals Grunberg dat deed tijdens het schrijven. Zo kom je extra in de sfeer. De app bevat bijna 3 uur muziek.

‘Dit leest echt heel prettig,’ zegt Grunberg er zelf over.

Het Immer-systeem is in Nederland ontwikkeld, gebaseerd op jarenlang onderzoek naar digitaal lezen door hybride schrijver Niels ’t Hooft.

De Goede mannen-app is gratis te downloaden in de App Store op iPhone en iPad, en bevat het eerste deel van het boek. De rest van het boek kun je kopen vanuit de app.

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Download de app

World premiere Vanessa Lann – One/Life

On January 31th the piano quintet One/Life by Vanessa Lann will have its world premiere by Jack Liebeck, Alexandra Raikhlina, Philip Dukes, Gemma Rosefield and Katya Apekisheva. This premiere will be at Sage Hall 2, The Sage, Gateshead (UK)…   

This work was commissioned for the closing concert of the Brundibár Arts Festival in Newcastle and Gateshead, UK. Launched in 2016, the annual Brundibár Arts Festival is the only recurring British festival dedicated to artists who were victims of the Holocaust. In addition to celebrating the work of those artists murdered or who perished, the Festival regularly commissions a new composition as a message of hope in times of adversity.

This concert is dedicated to the memory of Hanni Begg (1929-2017) who was torn from home as a child but narrowly escaped deportation. She was the only family member to survive the war. Hanni was also a keen supporter of the Festival from its inception.

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Jan Hage performs Jan Vriend – Jets d’orgue

On Saturday evening, January 26th, organist Jan Hage will perform the complete organ cycle ‘Jets d’orgue’ at the ‘Orgelpark’ in Amsterdam…   

‘Jets d’orgue’ must be taken quite literally: an organ is a fountain of thousands of pipes spraying its sounds through the space around it.  The organ has always fascinated me, especially because of the acoustical space it usually finds itself in, which I consider as the resonance body of the instrument, or rather: its element. I also enjoy the challenge of bringing a huge machine to life. An organ resembles a big airplane, an apparently clumsy assembly of bits and parts as long as it stands on the ground. To get it off the ground requires the sort of skill and sophistication the crew of a big airplane needs. In fact, Jets d’orgue requires such a crew: the two assistants at the stops are as important as the organist.

The display and rhythm of changing colours is as essential as the movement of pitches. Part 1 consists of 3 Jets. Each Jet is followed by (i.e. channeled into) a section of homophony, 2-layered polyphony and 3-layered polyphony respectively. And each Jet is concluded by a special organ effect, which celebrates a particular characteristic of organ-playing. In this case Jet 1 is concluded by a field of garlands; Jet 2 by a heterophony and Jet 3 by a set of gestures. The heterophonies especially are designed to interfere with the domination of the octave interval in the coupling of different footages.

(Jan Vriend)

More info at the Orgelpark

Jets d’orgue at Donemus:

Max Knigge – To the Lighthouse

Music as a stream. Thoughts like water. Sudden mood swings and ideas that logically result from each other. A new composition specially made for cellist Nuala McKenna. She will perform the premiere on January 24th, and that will mark the start of her tour in the ‘Dutch Classical Talent’ series…   

The Dutch Classical Talent Tour & Award is a special program for young musicians. The four finalists are Rik KuppenMaya Fridman, Peter van Loenen and Nuala McKenna. They will go on tour at various concert halls.

The German-Irish cellist Nuala McKenna (1993) is known for her guts: she puts together daring programs and plays everything by memory. She will bring the premiere of Max Knigge’s ‘To the Lighthouse‘.

Click here for the tour dates

Max Knigge also wrote ‘Zacht & licht lacht ’t maangezicht‘. Ensemble Ludwig will perform the new version of this work on Friday, January 11th in TivoliVredenburg and on Tuesday 22th in Hilversum.

Read more at the website of Max Knigge