New Framework Agreements

On Friday, June 17, the Donemus Foundation will introduce new Framework Agreements with composers. Composers and Donemus can make a stronger commitment for future works…

On Friday, June 17, the Donemus Foundation will introduce new Framework Agreements with composers. Composers and Donemus can make a stronger commitment for future works. The composer offers the Donemus Foundation the first right to publish new works, and the Foundation accepts the tasks as agreed.

With this new agreement, both composers and Donemus can defend the rights of composers better, especially concerning new commissions and performances. Composers Calliope Tsoupaki and Klas Torstensson will be the first to sign this Framework Agreement at the Donemus drink at the business suites of The Hague Tower.

All published composers are welcome to sign the new agreement. Download the form in English or Dutch, sign it in twofold and send it to the Donemus Office (PO box 3060, 2280 GB Rijswijk, The Netherlands)

Download Framework Agreement (ENG)
Download specific Agreement Form (ENG)

Download Raamovereenkomst (NL)
Download specifieke Titelovereenkomst (NL)

Donemus Academy!

In September the Donemus Foundation will launch the Donemus Academy for composers starting their career.
Lectures, workshops, discussions to support composers who finished their Masters Degree at a Conservatory…  

During 6 days, 6 different topics will be discussed. Experts from the music field will share their experiences, discuss challenges and opportunities, and coach young composers with their personal plans.

Experts (confirmed):


  • Author rights; what, why, how?
  • Programming; who, where, how?
  • Publishing; rental, sales, licensing, royalties
  • Composition: editing, fixation, preserving, re-performing
  • Funding; what and where are the ways?
  • Entrepreneurship; new ways for a new generation

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Dutch Music Days in Russia

Traditionally, Dutch music and Dutch musicians take part in the prestigious Andrey Sacharov art festival in Nizhny Novgorod, one of the biggest Russian cities on Volga river. This year Dutch music will be represented by the Russian premiere of Canto Ostinato for orchestra, Anthony Fiumara’s arrangement of Simeon ten Holt’s famous piece, which just recently had its world premiere by the Residentie Orkest. Further on the program will be De Vogels by Alphons Diepenbrock and Goldrush Concerto by Jacob ter Veldhuis which will be performed by the Nizhny Novgorod Symphony Orchestra and two percussionist soloists: Dutch Tromp winner Dominique Vleeshouwers and soloist of the Mariinsky theater Sergey Buranov.
The Second Dutch music Day will be held in NCCA Arsenal, culminating with with the evening performance of Canto XL – this version bringing together the Dutch-Russian ensemble accompanied by the movie Holland from Above and its amazing minimalistic views of the Netherlands. Donemus will also give a presentation about Dutch music scene, authors’ rights, and music publishing.


Vladimir Martynov’s Ballet Salome

Donemus proudly announces the privilege of publishing a huge oeuvre of the famous Russian composer Vladimir Martynov. The first performance to launch our cooperation is Martynov’s Schubert Quintet which will be performed as a part of a new production by the Stuttgart ballet Salome, based on the play by Oscar Wilde. Ten performances of the ballet will take place in the Stuttgart Opera House.

Salome has inspired not only Richard Strauss’ famous opera, but also numerous film adaptations and dance performances. For this occasion, choreographer Demis Volpi created for the Stuttgart Ballet a performance inspired by Wilde’s Salome. Its content is ideally suited for the implementation into dance; Volpi uses powerfully written characters – notably the namesake of the piece – and the charged atmosphere of the dance as a starting point.


Joey Roukens, Morphic Waves (World Premiere)

In this program, also bringing Mahler’s Rückert-Lieder and Brahms’ Fourth Symphony, Joey Roukens is appearing as the composer-in-residence of the Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest. Joey Roukens composed Morphic Waves (conducted by the orchestra’s Chief conductor Marc Albrecht) especially for this concert. In this new work, Roukens gives percussion the central role. According to De Volkskrant, “Roukens is geen modernist. Hij put uit bronnen als Stravinsky, Orff of, recenter, Steve Reich en vooral John Adams, ook een aartseclecticus. Maar met die geleende elementen ontwikkelt hij een eigen betoog, waarin hij niet benauwd is stevig uit te pakken.”



Compose4You is a new platform where composers present themselves to private commissioners. For important moments in life, one can find the right composer who can write a new work that can be performed by professional musicians. Nieuw Geneco is closely working together with Donemus on this new platform

A personal musical gift can mark special moments like a birth, marriage, business anniversary etc. Music can reach listeners where words fail and will keep the memories alive for long.

Compose4You is the matchmaker between commissioners and the best of Dutch composers. With the start of Compose4You 20 composer participate like Willem Jeths, Klas Torstensson, Joey Roukens, Anthony Fiumara etc.

(in Dutch only)

Met gepaste trots nodigt de Stichting Donemus Beheer u uit voor de lancering van Compose4You in de Haagse Toren op vrijdag 26 juni a.s. om 16.00 uur. Compose4You is een marktplaats waar opdrachtgevers en componisten elkaar kunnen treffen. Donemus en Nieuw Geneco zullen de komende tijd nauw samenwerken bij de inrichting en promotie van dit initiatief.

Platform tussen componist en opdrachtgever
Compose4You is een platform waar componisten zich met een kort portret en een paar samples, presenteren aan private opdrachtgevers. Voor de belangrijke momenten in het leven kan iedereen hier een componist vinden wiens stijl aansluit bij de eigen smaak. In opdracht kan de componist dan een compositie op maat maken. Deze kan, indien gewenst, tevens worden uitgegeven en uitgevoerd.

Reclame, film, gelegenheid, of muzikaal cadeau
Een persoonlijk muzikaal cadeau kan een bijzonder moment in het leven een vaak onvergetelijke toegevoegde waarde verschaffen. Bij een huwelijk, een geboorte, een bedrijfsjubileum of bij het afscheid van een geliefde, geeft muziek uitdrukking aan gevoelens waarbij woorden tekortschieten. Muziek kan een uniek moment markeren en blijft in de herinnering ook aan dat moment verbonden.

Matchmaker naar de top van het muziekleven
Compose4You werkt uitsluitend met topcomponisten met een internationale allure. Bij deze lancering participeren componisten met zeer verschillende achtergronden en stijlen. Compose4You is de matchmaker tussen de specifieke vraag van opdrachtgever en het aanbod van componisten. Medewerkers van Compose4You gaan graag met de klant in gesprek om de componist voor te stellen die optimaal past bij de interesse van de klant.

Componisten die betrokken zijn bij de pilot van Compose4You:
– Gerard Beljon
– Willem Boogman
– Anthony Fiumara
– Katarina Glowicka
– Willem Jeths (Componist des Vaderlands)
– Monique Krüs
– Hanna Kulenty
– Ned McGowan
– Chiel Meijering
– Aspasia Nasopoulou
– Martijn Padding
– Piet-Jan van Rossum
– Joey Roukens
– Leo Samama
– Maxim Shalygin
– Klas Torstensson
– Calliope Tsoupaki
– Eric Verbugt
– Lucas Wiegerink
– Aliona Yurtsevich
Bij de volgende fase zal Compose4You worden opengesteld voor een bredere groep componisten.

Om de drempel zo laag mogelijk te houden past Compose4You een eenvoudige prijsopbouw toe die bepaald wordt door het aantal instrumenten en de duur van de gewenste compositie. Via Compose4You kan er vervolgens rechtstreeks met de componist in contact worden getreden.

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor de lancering van Compose4You tijdens de Donemus-borrel op vrijdag 26 juni om 16.00 in de Haagse Toren, Rijswijkseplein 786 te Den Haag.

Cows, opera misha

Cows is not an ordinary opera, although the subject doesn’t seem very striking on the face of it: cows in the pasture, a farmer and his wife. But coming from the mind of professional confusion monger Misha Mengelberg such a thoroughly Dutch setting irrevocably acquires a surrealist touch. Truly extraordinary though is the genesis of the piece: Cows came very close to not existing at all. At the request of ICP manager Susanna von Canon, author and director Cherry Duyns and composer Guus Janssen have saved a unique, only half-finished chapter in Dutch musical history from oblivion.

Mengelberg, who turns eighty this year, is suffering from dementia and by now doesn’t compose anymore. Whether he never completed the work out of purely practical considerations will probably always remain a mystery. The fact is that out of Mengelberg’s lyrics and music, thanks to the efforts of Duyns, Janssen and the ICP Orchestra, a new genre has been created: the opera misha.

Cherry Duyns has compressed the multitude of ideas and fragments from the cow libretto into a comic as well as melancholy story. Browsing through Mengelberg’s rich musical oeuvre, Guus Janssen then found the notes to carry those lyrics. Thus, Cows became a unique collage from the legacy of an artist: the great opera that Misha Mengelberg never wrote.

Music and lyrics: Misha Mengelberg
Direction, scenery and assembly of the libretto: Cherry Duyns
Assembly of the composition: Guus Janssen
Movement consultant: Beppie Blankert
Costumes: Carin Eilers
Hair and make-up: Nienke Algra
Graphics: Han Bennink
Projection: Willem van den Berg
Light: Casper Leemhuis
Sound: Clare Gallagher

Co-production Stichting Enveloppe and Holland Festival
Premiere June 9 2015, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Rabozaal. 8 pm.
Second performance: June 10 2015, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Rabozaal. 8 pm.
Introduction June 9 and 10, 7.15 pm., by Koen Schouten.
On June 10 following the performance: Meet the Artist with Cherry Duyns and Guus Janssen.