Celia Swart wins the Keep an Eye Production Prize

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This Thursday, composer and visual artist Celia Swart will receive the Keep an Eye Production Prize. “With drawings and animation I can express my music even more powerfully.”…   

(photo by Karmit Fadael)

‘I want to tell the story of my isolation,’ says composer, saxophonist and visual artist Celia Swart (1994) about her latest work, which will premiere this summer at the classical outdoor festival Wonderfeel. She still has to write it, but the idea has won her the Keep an Eye Production Prize, which comes with a prize of €10.000. Following violinist Diamanda Dramm and multi-instrumentalist Akim Moiseenkov, Swart is the third winner of this prestigious prize.

The award was set up by the Keep an Eye Foundation and the Wonderfeel festival to give promising young makers the chance to turn their dreams into a complete stage production. A condition is that they seek cooperation with other disciplines – which is fine with the versatile Swart, who makes her own drawings and animations to accompany her compositions.

Commenting on her multidisciplinary approach, Swart says: “My ideas are often very narrative. I first write them down in words and then I make a mood board with Pinterest. If you type a word in there, you get all kinds of suggestions of pictures, and through those pictures it becomes clear to me: this atmosphere, these colours, this speed. I start composing from there. I have a strong visual image for my music and with drawings and animation, I can express that even more powerfully. But music is my main medium.”

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