Donemus launches new labels!

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Donemus is excited to announce two new labels, Donemus Musician’s Voice and Donemus Crossovers. Donemus Records will be now available for more partners in our network, especially to performers, ensembles and orchestras of older repertoire and recordings where classical is meeting other genres. We offer to bring your recordings to a world wide audience in over 80 countries…   

Donemus Musician’s Voice

The label Donemus Musicians’ Voice has its roots in the former label NM Classics. At our new label, musicians can release their album with all kinds of repertoire. One can find here the organ works of Jacob Bijster and Maurice Duruflé, performed by Piet van der Steen, the complete performances of Henk Klop, the Russian Medieval Requiem for choir.

In October, Donemus Records releases the recording by Helena Basilova of Morton Feldman’s ‘Triadic Memories’, an impressive milestone of contemporary piano music.

Find the new releases of Donemus Musician’s Voice here.

Donemus Crossovers

Some releases have a strong link with more popular genres. Donemus Crossovers contains works performed by Vincent Martig and Kathleen McLean with compostions by Chiel Meijering. The spoken word release of Merlijn Twaalfhoven and Jurriaan Berger called ‘Waartijd’ is another example of a Crossover


Find the new releases of  Donemus Crossover

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