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Pianist and composer Douwe Eisenga writes sparkling music for sparkling minds, a hypnotic mix of rhythm and compelling lyricism. The melodies carve into the soul of the listener. After having made ten albums as a composer, For Mattia is the very first album on which he himself plays his music…   

He composed, others performed his work. That is how things were for 30 years for Douwe Eisenga (57). “I used to play in pop bands. But when I started studying composition at the conservatory in Groningen, I ended up in a different world. There were dozens of people there who played much better than me. It seemed better to everyone that I stick to composition. I kept that idea up for a long time. ”

He is now a well-known composer, whose work is performed internationally and can be heard on many albums. He has recently been performing himself on a regular basis. His moving work For Mattia plays an important role in this. He wrote this in piece 2017 at the request of Katja Bosch and Jan-Peter Muilwijk from Middelburg, after their daughter Mattia had chosen to end her life.

“That was such a personal story that I wanted to play it myself,” says Eisenga. “Then it turned out that the audience also greatly appreciates it when you play the music yourself. That brings an extra layer with it. Lately I played in Durgerdam. Then I realized for the first time: this is really coming in. It’s so intimate and it feels very honest somehow.”

Now there is a beautifully designed album with nine recent piano pieces, including For Mattia, in that characteristic, compelling Eisenga style that leaves virtually no one untouched. “But it is and remains important to keep a certain distance as a composer. The music does not dictate emotion, but has a certain openness. As a listener you can go into it yourself and make your own story out of it. That makes it more universal.”

He writes the compositions in addition to the commissions he receives. “This is free work that arises in a playful way. A bit jokingly: it is written between the dishes and the eight o’clock news. Nothing leaves my room before I am convinced of it. I have to be sure that it also fascinates me, that it gives me goosebumps. It is an almost physical criterion. I am my own biggest fan and my biggest critic at the same time. ”

Eisenga is immensely proud that For Mattia is now there. ,, It’s actually my first album. This feels like a debut. That’s kind of crazy, at 57. I hope it will end up with many people, not so much because of the sale, but because it is so nice to share the music. In addition to writing it, I get the most satisfaction when it lands well. The essence of a musician is that you want to be heard. ”

“This luminous music builds a harmonious labyrinth, of which I do not want to find my way out, listening on the edge of time.”
Inactuelles – Musiques Singulières

“This music is beautiful, joyous, transcendent and makes me homesick for a place I’ve never been”
David Mitchell

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