Douwe Eisenga – US premiere of ‘The Flood’

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On November 8th the orchestra and choir of the Cornell University College will give the US Premiere of ‘The Flood, Requiem’. The work memorizes the victims of the flood in 1953 in Zeeland a Dutch province…   

The Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga combines in his immediately convincing The Flood, Requiem the Latin tradition with modern texts and recognizable, sometimes medieval musical forms. A wealth of effective contrasts and relief in this music reminds sometimes to Verdi, the frenetic rhythmic choire-pieces refer to the Carmina Burana. According to the Dutch press The Flood is an impressive requiem.

The Flood, Requiem, a composition for alt, choir and orchestra, was written in 2001/2002 and premiered in 2003 as Requiem 1953 at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the North Sea flood of 1953. The piece memorizes the victims of this inundation in the southwest of Holland, where 1845 people drowned in the flood. The texts are taken from the Latin Mass for the death, Sea-elegy of Vasili Zjoekovski, poems of Hieronymus Savonarola and from The Flood – Zeeland 1953 of the Canadian rescuer Christopher Levenson. The texts are in Latin, English and Spanish.

Press quotes
“Strong, eclectic work”  BN De Stem – Hans Roozenboom

“This composition, under the guidance of maestro Marcel Verhoeff, testified of an unprecedented mysticism. Verhoeff conducts as Leonard Bernstein and is able to lead orchestra and choir to unprecedented altitude. The Flood of composer Douwe Eisenga can now already be labelled as one of the greatest compositions of this time. The combination of Eisenga and Verhoeff is unique. We will hear more of this duo, in Vienna, New York, London? We seldom heard such a balance, soundcolor and musical depth” – Radio Rumania 

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