Dutch Student Chamber Choir performs Mark van Platen

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The Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor investigates the power of love in Chants d’Amour. From 14 February to 1 March 2020 NSK conducted by Béni Csillag will tour the Netherlands with a concert series on love with works by Rudolf Escher and Mark van Platen and more…    

The Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor (Dutch Student Chamber Choir) will tour the Dutch student cities from 14 February to 1 March 2020 with a program called Chants d’Amour. Under the direction of conductor Béni Csillag, the NSK will investigate how love shapes a human life. The project is the second part in a triptych about human existence. The NSK works together with commissioned composer Mark van Platen and the young percussionist David de Goede.


The program offers a triptych about human existence with the themes of beginning, life and the end. Chants d’Amour is the second part in the cycle. Between birth and death, love passes at unexpected moments and releases all kinds of emotions. Chants d’Amour is a programme about the feelings of suffering to happiness that love brings about. Central is the twelve-part, orchestral Épithalame by André Jolivet, which he wrote as a tribute to his wife after twenty years of marriage. The programme includes more French works, such as Ubi Caritas by Duruflé, parts from Debussy’s Trois Chansons and Ravel’s Trois Chansons. Two Dutch works will also be performed. The NSK sings the Songs of Love and Eternity of Rudolf Escher. The second Dutch work is the commissioned composition Aspetti d’amore by Mark van Platen.

World premiere

Every year NSK is looking for special collaborations. In 2020 the NSK will be working with two composers and one soloist. Contract composer Mark van Platen wrote the challenging Aspetti d’amore for eight voices especially for the NSK. NSK also sings a special choral arrangement of the song cycle Frauenliebe und -Leben by Schumann, arranged by Wijnand van Klaveren. The young soloist David de Goede has a special role to play. In various pieces he enters into a musical dialogue with the choir on percussion.

Special project choir

Since 1974 the NSK has been reconstituted every year as a choir of the 40 most talented amateur singers from the Dutch student world. During an intensive rehearsal period of three weekends and a rehearsal week they study a modern-classical programme under the direction of conductor Béni Csillag. The singers are assisted by vocal coaches Esther Putter and Niels Kuijers and rehearsal coach Johannes Gierl. The tour goes past nine student cities throughout the Netherlands and is traditionally concluded with a dazzling final concert in the Kleine Zaal of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

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