Emre Sihan Kaleli winner at the Impuls Competition

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Emre Sihan Kaleli has been selected as one of the winners of the “Impuls Composition Competition” – considered as an important competition among young composers. Part of the prize is to write a new work for Klangforum Wien commissioned by Impuls. In February 2019 a jury consisting both of composers and musicians (Pierluigi Billone, Bernhard Gander, Vera Fischer, Dmitri Kourliandski, Mikael Rudolfsson) selected him out of numerous applications sent in from various nations and four continents for impuls commissions…   

The winning composers will be part in the upcoming Impuls Composition Workshop in Vienna and Graz with Klangforum Wien coming along with commissions to write new pieces for ensemble, that will be premiered in Graz at the impuls Festival in February 2021.

Founded by Beat Furrer and Ernst Kovacic, Impuls, the International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music and Association for the Communication of Contemporary Music have developed into one of the internationally leading institutions in this field in a short time. Instrumental classes and ensemble work, composition classes and special programs such as Ensemble meets Composers, reading sessions with Klangforum Wien, open Composers´ Pool, electronic- and improvisation-workshops …: Every second year the Impuls Academy offers young musicians and composers – from Austria, but also from all over the world – an intense training and holistic approach to contemporary music, both in a theoretical and practical way. For about 14 days Impuls hereby builds an important platform for joint working, mutual learning and international exchange in Graz, Styria. An international team, of renowned musicians and composers as lecturers, guarantees highest quality and builds the basis for excellently educated, highly motivated and internationally interlinked young musicians and composers as competent and authentic messengers of music as a language without borders.

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