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Marijn Simons: Lachesis

oktober 19 @ 20:00 - 21:30 CEST

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Lachesis is the name of a Greek goddess who is responsible for the allotment of fate.  In their chamber opera of the same name, librettist Hermann Schneider and composer Marijn Simons discuss the concept of freedom in a post-democratic state.  For this purpose, the two artists design the dystopian cosmos of an ancient world projected into the future.  As Plato predicted, democracy has meanwhile become a tyranny.  As a counter-reaction to the rational bourgeois democracy, the irrational boom.  In combination with increased belief in science and the new orientation category “Opinion”, a mixture was created that gave birth to a new myth: the future man, who is constructed from the genetic reproduction of biomass and projections of consciousness.

Lachesis poaches completely unabashedly in the area of ​​pop-cultural myths, science fiction and Hollywood cinema and thus opens up the playful space of contemporary political theater.

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