Forbidden Music Regained, soon at Donemus

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Over the summer, the Leo Smit Foundation commissioned the company Picturae to scan 30,000 pages of manuscript. These works were written by composers who were banned by the Nazi’s. These mostly unknown works will soon be available at Donemus…   

Preparing this job meant browsing through many more pages. The criteria for including manuscripts in the scanning process were mainly to do with performance. Which version is most clear to read? Which manuscripts are complete? It often meant they had to discard real jewels, like this front page of Ignace Lilien’s opera The Great Catherine, with a libretto by George Bernard Shaw.

The Leo Smit Foundation is now working on designing a user-friendly environment to download the manuscripts at low cost together with Donemus Publishing and the Netherlands Music Institute. Stay tuned!

Forbidden Music Regained is a project by the Leo Smit Foundation. The overall coordinators are Eleonore Pameijer and Carine Alders).

Based in Amsterdam, the Leo Smit Foundation is a knowledge centre open to anyone who wants to know more about composers who were persecuted in the Second World War. Because of their situation their work has sunk into oblivion, yet in many cases they were the musical leaders of their time. The Leo Smit Foundation is dedicated to the discovery and research of these composers and to the publication of their works, in collaboration with editors and other partners. The aim is to make the lives, work and context of these composers accessible to all. With their international contacts, they also act as a knowledge broker for persons and organizations working on the same material.

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