Gerard Beljon – Planctus Cygni

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On June 9th Collegium Vocale Eindhoven will bring the world premiere of Gerard Beljon’s ‘Planctus Cygni’, commissioned by the ‘Nederlands Gregoriaans Festival’. The Latin lyrics and melody are originally written in approx. 800 AD….   

The original work sings about the fate of a swan who gets lost, ends up at sea, almost drowns, but at the last moment sees the light of the dawn and returns to land. This text appealed to Beljon because he sees a parallel with the current refugee crises.
Many melodies from the composition are from the original song, besides Beljon used elements from the psalm ‘Sion klagt mit Angst und Schermzen’, to symbolize the misery of the swan and of the refugees. The poem Planctus Cygni has a happy end, something we would wish for with the refugees as well.