Goeyvaerts exhibition in Leuven

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From February 21 till March 30 you can visit the ‘Goeyvaerts Exhibition’ at KADOC in Leuven. Twenty five years after his death. In 1951 he wrote the first real serial music composition…   

Composer Karel Goeyvaerts died in 1993 a few months before his seventieth birthday. Twenty-five years later, his biography still reads like a novel. If the name Karel Goeyvaerts rings a bell abroad, it is because in the summer of 1951 when he captured the now legendary Ferienkurse für neue Musik in Darmstadt with the first pages of integral serial music. He thus made an indelible mark on the post-war avant-garde. Nevertheless, seven years later he would work as a Sabena agent at the World Exhibition in Brussels. Around that time he stopped composing for a while, and finally, in the last decade of his life, he returned to his composition activities with his opera Aquarius…..

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