Granddaughter Biljana Urban presents Jan Urban

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On May 15th Biljana Urban will perform some works of her grandfather Jan Urban (1875–1952). This will be organized by in Vienna in their series “Echo des Unerhörten” Donemus will publish some of his works…   

Biljana Urban, pianist in The Netherlands, will perform with Orsolya Korcsolán (violin). Ethel Merhaut (soprano) and Sándor Károlyi (piano). Irene Suchy will moderate a discussion with Biljana and Dr. Michael Haas.

The Czech born composer and conductor Jan Urban, after graduating from the Prague Conservatory in 1897, accepted an invitation by the Serbian Government and settled in the Kingdom of Serbia, in March 1899. He was part of around 250 Czech musicians, who in the last decades of the 19th century emigrated to the Southern Slav countries in order to improve local musical culture. Serbia was particularly interesting to them as the free country in Europe not dominated by the Ottoman or Habsburg empires…. (Read more about Treasured composer Jan Urban)

In June there will be an exhibition on Jan Urban in Vienna and on May 24th Biljana Urban will talk about this exhibition in Vienna and the works of her grandfather in Opium live.

On October 9th Biljana will give a recital in Vienna at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Stay tuned for more details…

Donemus will publish some of his works in cooperation with Biljana Urban. First Album available soon.

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