GVIDO available at Donemus

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Donemus is now a distributor of GVIDO hardware. GVIDO is the world’s first dual-screen digital music score, with features such as a 13.3-inch dual screen using ePaper; same size and feel of traditional paper music scores; it weighs only 660g. The flat hinges make the screens fold open nice and flat, so you can view them easily like a music book…   

Unlike LCD tablets, reflection and glare are virtually gone, so, just like with paper, you can perform under sunlight with full visibility of the screen. No backlighting, so it’s gentle on the eyes, preventing strain and fatigue.

Turn pages with a touch
Flip pages easily and without a sound by using the infrared touch switch. Three touch switches can be personalized, assigning each one different functions to make it easier for you to use. Hands-free page turning with the optional footswitch.

Write notes on scores
With the included stylus pen, write and erase notes directly on the screen. Save up to 100 layers of notes and share them easily with other users.

Prices excl. VAT
€ 1500 – Digital Music Reader
€   320 – Foot Switch
€   320 – Genuine Leather Case

Contact us to see the hardware in our office and to test it!

(info@donemus.nl; 070 2500 786)