Hanna Kulenty: Eldorado,Eldorado at International Liedfestival Zeist

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On Friday October 30th, professional duos will be presented at the Young Singers Platform at Theater Figi. The compulsory work was written especially for this audition by composer Hanna Kulenty. On the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, she wrote the song Eldorado,Eldorado. In Poe’s poetry, the tone is usually dark and that is no different in this poem…   

It tells the story of a knight who embarks on a quest for a promised land where everything shines and is made of gold. It seems that he won’t find it. This nobleman’s journey is an allegory of the course of life in which man seeks happiness to discover that happiness is not the goal, but that having a goal makes one happy. Since all duos perform this song next to their own program, you will hear six interpretations of this new work. A fascinating listening experience!


The International Song Festival Zeist will introduce the Young Singers Platform in 2020: an audition for young, professional song duos. They will have the opportunity to present themselves with a recital of 45 minutes to the audience and a jury consisting of top professionals: Annett Andriesen (chairman), Elly Ameling, Robert Holl, Hans Eijsackers and on behalf of the festival Aat Klompenhouwer. At the end of this exciting audition two duos will go home with a promise for recitals in 2021.


Over the past four years, 48 duos passed the strict selection to take part in the festival’s master class. In doing so, the festival contributes to the development of young, talented musicians at the beginning of their professional careers. Since then they have performed on well-known concert stages or worked together with renowned singers and pianists. Partly thanks to the Masterclass Fund, the festival is now introducing the Young Singers Platform as a logical next step in the opportunities for talent and career development it offers.

Thirteen alumni of the Masterclass applied for the audition this spring, the best six were admitted. These six duos have it in them to make it to the top in the coming years and compete for the two engagement prizes: a recital during the International Song Festival Zeist in May 2021 and the Oxford Song Festival in October 2021.

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