Imaginations alive; Video performance with arrangement of Kasia Glowicka

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Where is the balance between man and nature? Should we acknowledge our superiority during this pandemic? In ‘Roxana’s Song’ Kasia Głowicka and Krystian Lada look for an answer…   

For Roxana’s Song, Krystian Lada is inspired by the opera Król Roger, which focuses on the confrontation between man and nature. Lada sees in that story points of contact with the pandemic in which we find ourselves today. Once again, man clashes with the limits of his unbridled ego and has to acknowledge his superiority in nature. For Lada, the future lies in a society that finds the balance between ego and eco. The voice of the soprano is a force of nature that awakens a consciousness in man – here a dancer.

Opera Ballet Flanders is a leading performing arts organisation that produces opera, dance and concert for all ages in Ghent and Antwerp. The program includes new creations, forgotten masterpieces and well-known titles from opera and dance history. To create performances together with the ballet, orchestra, choir and children’s choir, they bring creative talent from all over the world to their home.

Concept: Krystian Lada
Choreography & Dance: Aaron Shaw
Music: Karol Szymanowski – Roxana’s Aria from Król Roger
Arrangements: Kasia Głowicka
Singing: Dagmara Dobrowolska
Whistle: Melanie Roses
Hobo: Arie van der Beek

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