Jacob Bogaart: Beethoven Piano Concertos 3 & 4 released on Donemus Records

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Donemus Records has just released recordings of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos 3 & 4, performed by Jacob Bogaart and the Radio Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ernest Bour…   

Emanuel Overbeeke:
Jacob Bogaart is already known for his CD-Box The Art of dutch Keyboard Music. Boogaart plays with a lightness that one would expect from fortepianists who, at the time, were hardly concerned with Beethoven’s concertos, and with a sense of structure that one would expect from powerhouses of an older generation. The performances are very vital and seem smooth, while they are hardly faster than those of well-known pianists. In his approach, full of energy, lightness, architecture and transparency, he has an excellent ally in conductor Ernest Bour, who has the unsurpassed and unfortunately discontinued Radio Chamber Orchestra playing at its peak. In short, this is one of the most interesting releases in the context of the Beethoven year, an audio recording of the broadcasters from 1985. Finally available, it fascinates for its intention and its result, two things that do not always go together at this level.

Jacob Bogaart:
It was intense working in such a short period of time – especially for me as a pianist – but also a unique opportunity to fulfill the work with this conductor, with whom I would reach an agreement on the very last details. With gratitude, I look back to these recordings, and I see it as a privilege to have been working with Ernest Bour. A cooperation in which we shared an inspiring harmony of view. He himself alluded to our cooperation in an emotional letter. Words of appreciation, written by a man who always avoided personal effusions: “…la résurrection des concertos de piano et l’exécution en particulier du troisième et quatrième reste un des rares moments privilégiés de ma vie.” [ “… the resurrection of the Piano Concertos and in particular the performance of the third and the fourth, will remain with me as one of the rare and privileged moments of my life.”]

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