Jan-Peter de Graaff – De Synode – Parlay fever in the Low Countries

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From May 10th to 26th, Hollands Diep Music Theatre brings the opera of Jan-Peter the Graaff and Yuri Robbert about `De Synode’ which took place 400 years ago. Performed by the Shape Shift Ensemble and several soloists…   

composition: Jan-Peter de Graaff
libretto: Yuri Robbers
director: David Prins
conductors: Mark Biggins, Kent Moussault
arrangements: Jan Willem Passchier
performances: May 10th until May 26th 2019, Energiehuis, Dordrecht

Rabid hatred, burning desire and heartfelt devotion. These three ingredients caused mayhem in the Netherlands 400 years ago. Civil war in 1619 was just around the corner. But why? A political and religious twist was spinning fully out of control. The Arminians versus the Gomarists, the ‘baboons’ versus the ‘mud beggars’.

Hollands Diep Music Theatre is currently making a staggering production about this nearly forgotten pivotal moment in the history of The Netherlands. The makers are exploring what will happen when devotion turns into burning desire and results in fierce intolerance. A fever almost…

The production ‘De Synode‘ carries the pressing situation from the 1600s to the present. It features a brand-new opera by the young composer Jan-Peter de Graaff that makes the impact of a religious conflict on the lives common people, intensely tangible. Against the historical background of the ‘Synode of Dordrecht’ Hollands Diep Music Theatre shows some baffling parallels to our current society.

soprano: Renate Arends
countertenor: Joël Vuik
baritone: Jorne van Bergeijk
baritone: Berend Eijkhout
ensemble: Shapeshift Ensemble

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