Jeths – Recorder Concerto in Bochum

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The Bochumer Symphoniker will perform the ‘Recorder Concerto’ of Willem Jeths, this time with Stefan Temmingh as soloist. On March 4 at the large hall of the ‘Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr’ in Bochum….   

Erik [Bosgraaf] came over to my place a few times to play things through. He also played a number of different recorders to me. These included a sixteenth century renaissance recorder by Silvestro Ganassi. That instrument is more powerful than the more common baroque variant, so I composed my concerto specifically for the Ganassi recorder.’ As the composition progressed, Jeths was increasingly captivated by what he calls the “essence of the instrument”. ‘To me, the sound of the recorder represents innocence and fragile purity. I had to give the soloist enough scope to let him put these qualities across to the best possible effect. My orchestration is therefore deliberately thin. The orchestra plays a subservient part in this piece so that the soloist can emerge in the limelight.

(Willem Jeths)

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