Joey Roukens at the New York Philharmonic

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Boundless, by Joey Roukens, will have its US premiere during the New York Philharmonic’s festival around Bernstein’s 100th birthday, Bernstein’s Philharmonic: A Centennial Festival (October 25-November 14)…  

Boundless was written as an homage to Leonard Bernstein, as the composer-conductor was a big influence for Roukens. The piece, conducted by Alan Gilbert, will be performed along with a number of well-known orchestral pieces by Bernstein. It will be performed a total of five times during the festival, on October 25-28, and October 31.

Boundless (Homage to L.B.) was composed as a companion piece to Bernstein’s Serenade (after Plato’s Symposium), requiring similar forces of string orchestra, harp, and percussion. Roukens has his percussionists play a larger array of instruments, and he adds a keyboard player, but does not use the solo violin spot- lighted in Bernstein’s piece. In the second of his three connected movements, Roukens alludes to the Adagietto of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, and he also draws on two of Bernstein’s Thirteen Anniversaries (1988), short piano pieces written in honor of people in that composer’s circle — in this case, the Anniversaries No. 5 (for composer Leo Smit) and No. 13 (for Bernstein’s friend Ellen Goetz, in memoriam).

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