Joey Roukens – Morphic Waves in Barcelona

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On October 11-13, the Barcelona Symphony and National Orchestra of Catalonia (OBC) with Gabriel Bebeselea, conductor, will perform ‘Morphic Waves’ of Joey Roukens…   

Morphic Waves is a symphony cast in one continuous 23-minute span, consisting of several subsections that organically morph into one another, not unlike Sibelius 7th Symphony, a piece which Joey Roukens adores. Throughout the piece one can hear wave-like elements, most notably in the dynamic swells (‘waves’ of crescendo and diminuendo or fade in/fade out) in all instruments, but also in the way the orchestral textures expand and contract. The piece is mainly about texture, color and harmony. The harmonies are rather dark-hued, although the final minutes are very serene and tender. The piece was written as part of Rouken’s residency with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra during the 2015-16 concert season.

Morphic Waves had its first performance on June 8th, 2016 at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Marc Albrecht. Written with financial support of the Performing Arts Fund NL, it has been performed in The Netherlands, France, Italy and Russia.

Tickets for the concert

Listen to the recording at the Sacharov Festival; June 5th, 2018; by the Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Peter Biloen.