Jussen brothers play Roukens

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On March 10 the Jussen brothers will give the world premiere of Joey Roukens – In Unison in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. With the Radio Filharmonic Orchestra and conductor Emilio Pomàrico. Unison was commissioned by the NTR ZaterdagMatinee for the Jussen brothers as soloists…   

Before I started composing, I listened to their CDs and was struck not only by the sparkling brilliance of their playing, but also by the fact that they sounded perfect as a duo. Gradually, the idea arose to write a double concerto in which the two soloists would not sound as two separate soloists, but as if they were as one super pianist on one super piano. This means that there are many unison passages (both pianos having exactly the same notes) in the piece. In any case, the unisono is an element that often pops up in my work, perhaps a legacy of the “Dutch musical tradition.” My plan was to go for the classic design in three parts (fast-slow-fast). While I was working on the piece, I was in a period when I played a lot of Italian baroque concertos on the piano, and something of that pianistic style might be heard in the solo parts in this piece.

(Joey Roukens)

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