Kate Moore – Ballet performances in Dortmund

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A man, confused by the circumstances of his time and embittered by his life, gets lost in a seemingly hopeless forest. He believes he has come to an end when a mysterious stranger invites him on a fantastic journey. It leads into the fiery chasms of hell and over the Purification Mountain finally into paradise. Xin Peng Wang’s dance-like Sphere Show spans three seasons. All three parts will be united in a single evening. With music by John Adams and Kate Moore…   

With Purgatorio now the ascent to the dizzying heights of the Refining Mountain is imminent. Many dangers lurk, some hard testing must be passed before we are allowed to pass through the huge flame wall of purgatory. Will we have the strength?

“Paradise calls!”

Several works of Kate Moore will be used for this intriguing production:

Whoever You Are Come Forth (from: The Open Road. German Premiere)
The Open Road (from: The Open Road. German Premiere)
The Art of Levitation (German Premiere)

With the kind support of Sunhild and Christian Sutter

With the Dortmund Philharmonic
Staging and choreography: Xin Peng Wang
Concept, Scenario & Dramaturgy: Christian Baier
Stage: Frank Fellmann
Costumes: Bernd Skodzig
Lighting design: Carlo Cerri
Musical Director: Philipp Armbruster

January: 11, 25, 31
February: 15

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