Klas Torstensson – L’autunno di Christina

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Klas Torstensson’s ‘L’autunno di Christina’, will be performed at the festival ‘Decibels’ on March 1. Soprano Charlotte Riedijk will perform together with Sinfonietta Rīga and conductor Normunds Šnē…   

Christina’s Autumn is the literal translation of the title of Klas Torstensson’s work, but in its true sense the title here connotes the life’s autumn – the last years before one’s passing. Torstensson’s Christina Cyclus tells about the life and works of Swedish queen Christina (1632—1689). After ten years on the throne, she abdicated, adopted Catholicism and spent the last few decades of her life in Rome as a patroness of fine arts.

In the last part of Christina Cyclus, ‘L’autunno di Christina‘ for soprano and large instrumental ensemble we meet the queen at the end of her years, looking back on her rebellious life, full of struggles, unfulfilled desires and longing. In his work, Torstensson has used the words of both Christina herself and her contemporaries.

The composition was first performed by Charlotte Riedijk and Sinfonietta Rīga in May 2018 in Rotterdam.

composition: Klas Torstensson
conductor: Normunds Šnē
soprano: Charlotte Riedijk

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