Kris Oelbrandt at the Orgelpark

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On Sunday, March 17th Kris Oelbrandt will be at the ‘composer’s portrait’ in the Orgelpark. Ralph van Raat will perform his ‘Catharsis’ and Jan Hage his ’12 Interludes’. He leads a silent life as a monk but his works do reach more and more listeners…   

Kris Oelbrandt had a mystical experience at the age of 17 that has changed him forever. At one point he decided to enter the monastery, but he continued to compose. As a result of four concerts and new CD recordings, in December 2018 Klara Radio made an interview with Oelbrandt. (Listen here)

In the interview, he tells about the death of his father (‘a trauma’), about his vocation as a monk (‘you are caught at the collar’) and the unease that the concerts might cause (‘not pleasant for the monastic soul’). ). Monastic life has a strict planning of time – Oelbrandt composes between 3 and 6 pm – which stimulates his musical universe: ‘Silence arises through structure, the monastic order of the day.’ When asked whether he is more of a monk or composer, Oelbrandt replies: ‘The monks’ existence creates a fertile field, the music is the flower that flourishes from it.’ The music of Oelbrandt moves between two extremes: Olivier Messiaen and Arvo Pärt.

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