Kris Oelbrandt – Loflied der Verzoening

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On November 3rd 2019 Capella Brabant will perform the world premiere of Kris Oelbrandt’s ‘Reconciliation Magnificat’, together with the Dudok Quartet. Soloists are Katrien Baerts, Elsbeth Gerritsen and Mattijs van de Woerd. The concert is preceded by a lecture by musicologist and theologian Martin Hoondert and concluded with a dialogue on “Reconciliation”. After the premiere, this work will be performed in three other cities…   

Kris Oelbrandt has a truly unique position within the contemporary music. He is active as a Trappist monk, but also as a composer. A double mission that Oelbrandt, born in Belgium, fulfills with great enthusiasm. In Oelbrandt’s music on can hear links to composers such as Arvo Pärt and Olivier Messiaen, but he follows his own spiritual path. His compositions leave the monastery walls more and more. For example, pianist Ralph van Raat and organist Jan Hage perform his works and Capella Brabant has established a special bond with him.

Reconciliation Magnificat

New spiritual music that bridges and brings worlds together. With his ‘Reconciliation Magnificat’, composer Kris Oelbrandt provides a warm answer for a seemingly divided world. His composition unites three world religions, as a reconciling hymn to a new world. A world in expectation of a hopeful future. A modern Magnificat that uniquely highlights and reinforces the long-standing bond between those world religions, from the Jewish hymn of Hanna and the Christian hymn of Mary to the Islamic Sura 87. In his composition, Oelbrandt converts these lyrics into a meditative cathedral of sound in which words and music come into an inspiring dialogue.

Music as the key to everyone’s heart. No art form that offers as universal comfort as music. Kris Oelbrandt’s new composition not only takes a conciliatory look at our time, but also offers hope for a new future. Courage is needed to turn away from the fear and anger that holds the world in its grip and to meet the dissenting person. More than ever, a frank conversation leads to new insights.


Capella Brabant chamber choir
Dudok Quartet string quartet
Katrien Baerts soprano
Elsbeth Gerritsen mezzo-soprano
Mattijs van de Woerd baritone
Niek KleinJan percussion
Rieneke Brink flute
Judith van Driel, Marleen Wester violin
Marie-Louise de Jong viola
David Faber cello
Ernestine Stoop harp
Marc Versteeg conductor

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