Launching DisOrders with Petra Strahovnik

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With the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, Ensemble Modelo62 and Petra Strahovnik will work together over two years to create a number of works that enhance Petra’s abilities to combine different art forms with music. The entire trajectory revolves around the theme ‘mental health conditions’ (such as ADHD, autism, borderline personality disorder), to which Petra has a deep personal connection. The choice for this theme is double-sided: On one hand it allows Petra to explore the combination of performance art, video, and music in order to vividly bring out what lies inside of the people that have these mental conditions. On the other hand, it allows something that is vital to her: to act as a social activist by raising social awareness about these conditions…   

‘…as a society, we need to break through the fear and misconceptions about mental health conditions. Personally, I think that the topic is still a taboo and consequently the way that we deal with these conditions in general excludes the people suffering from one. I struggled with depression for 10 years and this has inspired me to compose about it.’   Petra

The first presentation of the project, before the works Petra Strahovnik will produce, takes place on September 1st 19:00 at Tarwekamp 3 in The Hague.

The project kicks-off with an intensive performance art workshop by Jürgen Fritz, where the members of the ensemble, partners of the project, and Petra, will look for their performative state and break through their own limits. The ensemble opens its doors to the workshop room to present a three-hour performance based on the workshop experience. It is not a piece by Petra, but rather a chance to peek into the working mode and the potential of the collaboration between her and the group.

Please join Modelo62 for this performance, it’s completely free; from 19:00 to 22:00.
You can come in the middle, come in and out, stay for the whole time.

September 1st 19:00 at Tarwekamp 3 in The Hague

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