Luc Brewaeys – Whisky Tour

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In November 2019 the glass will be raised to the internationally respected Flemish composer Luc Brewaeys. He died far too early in 2015. Brewaeys dreamed about a trip to Scotland to visit the distilleries of his favorite whiskeys, after which he also named some of his works.
Together with Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, I SOLISTI, HERMESensemble, ChampdAction and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, deSingle presents the Brewaeys whiskey works in one concert week. An ode to one of the greatest Flemish composers…   

In Luc Brewaeysutterly beguiling Fifth Symphony ‘Laphroaig’, electronica and a large orchestra (more than 10 percussionists and an additional orchestra on the balcony!) go hand in hand. Annelies Van Parys follows in her master’s footsteps with her First Symphony. Two works by Debussy are added to these home-grown gems: the groundbreaking ‘Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun’ and the swirling ‘Rhapsody’ featuring Nele Delafonteyne, the orchestra’s solo clarinettist, in a starring role. Get ready for an irresistible orgy of sound!

The creation of ‘Talisker’ in the gigantic hall of the Central Station was a memorable and spectacular opener for Antwerp 93, Cultural Capital. The extremely long reverberation time in the station concourse (no fewer than seven seconds) inspired Luc Brewaeys to create a monumental work spread over the whole building. An orchestra of clarinettists and percussionists entered into dialogue with five wind and two percussion soloists, culminating in a moving march… Many passengers let their trains leave without them in order to experience this overwhelming concert to the end. On the initiative of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, this feast of sound is being reprised in the run-up to the concert with the performance of ‘Laphroaig’ the same afternoon in the Queen Elisabeth Hall. ‘Talisker’ is offered to you free of charge!

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