Luuk Hoekstra about Donemus scores in libraries

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Recently, Donemus offered a new service model to libraries. Conservatories and other libraries can obtain an annual license at Donemus and then get access to the catalogue for all their students. This access is restricted to scores only and to PDFs. This offers a great opportunity for students to get themselves acquitned with many contemporary compositions…   

Read the presentation by Luuk Hoekstra, Senior Librarian Classical Music:

In fact, this story starts in 2012. I started working at Codarts in that year and one of the databases that we have access to is from the American publisher Alexander Street Press. They offer digitized scores of many well-known and lesser known composers, of which many are of American origin. Their account manager asked us back then, to make a suggestion for possible partners in The Netherlands, because they wanted to add more scores of local composers and publishers, for their clients outside of America. The first publisher who came to my mind was of course Donemus.

Within a year it was settled. A part of the Donemus composers was added with a part of their work, to one of the packages you could purchase as a Conservatory. This went well for a while. However, over the past years, the number of offered packages has been extended to 4, and the Donemus scores are divided over all 4. So, if you want to have access to all available Donemus scores, a conservatory has to purchase all these packages. This became too expensive for us.

As a result, by the end of 2017, Codarts decided to stop purchasing the scores package of Alexander Street Press. After that, I contacted Davo, asking if it was possible to get a direct access to the Donemus scores. This has resulted in the present collaboration. After a conservatory obtains a license the future musicians and composers are now able to study the scores of the most important Dutch composers in a low-threshold way.

At this moment in time almost all Dutch conservatories have joined. We are very pleased with this agreement and hope for a long lasting cooperation.