Martijn Padding – Three Birthday Pieces for Louis Andriessen

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NTR ZaterdagMatinee commissioned Martijn Padding to write an orchestral work for the occasions of the 80th birthday of Louis Andriessen. Paddings Three Birthday Pieces will have its world premiere on Saturday afternoon in the Concertgebouw, together with a brand new work by Andriessen himself (The Only One)…   

The last part of Three Birthday Pieces, The One And Only, is a playful reference to The Only One by Louis Andriessen.

“It has become a triptych: Birthday Chorale, Keizersgracht Shuffle and The One And Only. It is full of personal references and also teasing. Louis, for example, does not like the celesta at all, because he thinks that sound is too fuzzy. Well, then I give the celesta a solo role in the first part. ”

In the last part Padding brings up a speaking Louis Andriessen. You hear him speak through the loudspeakers, sentences from a radio interview from 2000. For example, that you “don’t want to understand music”. At the end you hear him say: “I think it’s more than enough like that.”

Martijn Padding loves to write for people he knows well. That is why orchestral work is a problem, because he very much values that contact with the musicians. At the same time he has developed himself to an orchestra composer. Well, how are those things going? You are called and you would be crazy if you say no. ”

“In the current time it is important that you write music for an orchestra that can be performed with a limited rehearsal time, without losing depth and content. That was already the case in Mozart’s time. If you still write very complicated scores, you are actually putting yourself outside of reality. I’m looking for the essence. ”

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