Maxim Shalygin – Blessing

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Maxim Shalygin wrote a personal composition for a 25th anniversary. Written for tenor and string quartet, the work will be performed during the party organized by the happy couple…

Tenor Gábor Bálint and the Babylon Quartet will give the premiere. At a later moment, the work will be recorded and released on all main digital distribution channels such as Spotify, iTunes etc. Maxim Shalygin wrote the work on lyrics provided by the couple, a hymn text by Isaac Watts (1674-1748). The couple looks forward to this premiere at their party. The lyrics express their feelings. A composition like this is a treasure for the future, even for children and grandkids…

We bless the Lord, the just, the good,
Who fills our hearts with joy and food:
Who pours his blessings from the skies,
And loads our days with rich supplies. etc.