Michael Fine at the Colorado Music Festival

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On June 18th Michael Fine’s Chamber Symphony will be premiered at the Colorado College Summer Music Festival with conductor Scott Yoo…   

Michael Fine feels very excited that an astonishing group of 11 young top instrumentalists from major institutions under the direction of Scott Yoo will create his Chamber Symphony at the Colorado College Summer Music Festival on 18 June. A mini-Concerto for Orchestra, the Chamber Symphony began with the jazzy, muted trumpet solo that occurs early in the piece after a rather pastoral introduction. Much of the music of the first movement revolves around and reacts to that theme. There are numerous and occasionally challenging solos for each instrument.

The second movement turns the heat up taking motifs from the first movement and playing with them at speed but not too fast. An andante third movement is a stroll in a verdant park while the final Allegretto is playful in attitude and not too long. The spirit of the piece is, like most of his music, American in character with a subtle hint of jazz and for better or worse, elements of his whimsical and occasionally elusive personality. It is music which Michael Fine hopes is direct enough to be enjoyed rather without too much effort.

With Alice Dade, flute; Elizabeth Koch, oboe; Anton Rist, clarinet, bass clarinet; Michael Thornton, horn; Kevin Cobb, trumpet; Tonya Jilling, harp; Steven Copes, violin; Virginia Barron, viola; David Ying, cello; Susan Cahill, bass Scott Yoo, conductor