Michael Fine – Concerto for Oboe Section (world premiere)

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On May 4th the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra will bring the world premiere of Michael Fine – Concerto for Oboe Section. The concert will take place at the Robinson Center, Little Rock, Arkansas…   

The idea for this rather unusual Triple Concerto came from Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s Music Director Philip Mann, who had just conducted the world premiere of Michael Fine’s Double Concerto for Two Violins. Fine was immediately enthusiastic and began to sketch the piece mentally without waiting for the official commission. The Concerto Grosso, which showcases the interplay between a small group of soloists and the orchestra, has great appeal for him. It differs from the traditional solo concerto where a soloist is alone in the spotlight and somewhat removed from the orchestra. The Concerto Grosso, in contrast, allows for a closer connection between the concertino – in this case three oboists with the third occasionally switching to English Horn – and a chamber sized body of strings. The Concertino soloists can sing as a group or act individually, but are always part of what is going on right behind them.

This three movement Concerto begins with a nostalgic theme modally hinting at the choral music of the Renaissance. The soloists have plenty of opportunities for displays of virtuosity and musical expression. The orchestral responds, occasionally leads, while setting and anchoring the harmonic development. Most important: it is always intertwined with the solo writing. The Larghetto has a gently meandering outdoor character reminiscent of the English pastoral composers while the last movement is a rustic dance with some challenging pizzicato playing for the orchestra.

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