Michael Fine – Double Concerto

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of composing is hearing different musicians bringing their own sensibilities to your music. Sadly and too often, world premiere also can mean last performance. Michael Fine has been fortunate in the case of his Double Concerto for Two Violins and String Orchestra with two different sets of soloists and orchestras having performed the work. Now, a new ensemble and soloists will perform it…    

On 1 November in Dusseldorf, two young rising violin stars – Esther Yoo and David Nevel will perform the Concerto in the Robert Schumann Saal with the Swiss-based LGT Young Soloists directed by Alexander Gilman, also a superb violinist. The next evening, 2 November, the same ensemble with soloists Christa-Maria Stangorra and David Nebel will play the Netherlands premiere in his home concert hall Rotterdam’s De Doelen.

The Double Concerto for Two Violins and String Orchestra from 2015 is a 21st-century Concerto Grosso contrasting tightly woven, virtuosic music for the two soloists with the string orchestra which responds in kind but occasionally chooses a different direction which the soloists then follow. Although the work is in three movements, its melodies, harmonies, and musical lines flow across the movement boundaries, ending with a miniature cadenza for the two soloists.

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